Jun 25, 2011

Meat Katie-Vibrate Promo Mix

Hey guys,

I have done a little promo mix to promote our Vibrate party in London on the 9th July, (just to wet your appetite ;-)

its a killer line up with Myself, Dylan Rhymes,Loop Of Fury, Neurodriver, Chevy One, Kid Blue, Atomic Drop, Underbeat Trust, Russ Taylor, Dave Zaf.

Meat Katie-Vibrate Promo Mix (21.6.2011) Free Download by Meat Katie

Track list

1 .Goose- 'Words' - (Boris Dlugosh Remix) - (K7)
2. Hertz - 'Funkster'- Craft Music
3. Jaymo & Andy George 'Greeks' (CDR)
4. Lee Coombs ' Control' (Rogue Element)- LOT49
5. Tony Senghore - 'If You Came to party' (Peo de Pitte Remix)
6. Green Velvet 'Answer Phone' (Unknown Remix)- (CDR)
7. D.I.M & Peace Division 'The world can't do you no harm' (Meat Katie Re-Rub) (CDR)
8. Disco Of Doom 'Sex Face' (Gung Ho!)
9. D-Unity - Shake it' 2011 Re-touch (Beat Therapy)
10. Schadenfreude 'The Road leads East' - Meat Katie Remix (YoshiToshi recordings)
11. Bahar Canca & Matt williams -Creation of the mind- (Sub Bubble)
12. Jaymo & Andy George ft. J2K - Hold Me Back - Mumbai Science Remix (CDR)
13. TWR72 - 'Girls sing' (CDR)
14. Mike Hulme - 'Sweet Sensation' U&A
15. Calvertron & Blatt & Inasha - 'Lets Dance'- (Meat Katie re-rub) (Warehouse Music)
16. Loops Of Fury - ' I Need'- U&A

Jun 23, 2011

Tiesto & Diplo - C'Mon (DivKid "C'mon Me" Remix)

It's that time again ... NEW BOOTLEG REMIX FROM DIVKID!
This time we have ripped apart " C'mon " by Tiesto and Diplo.
The remix re-works the original melodies and parts into an electro house track with progression and trance like melodies from the original.

You can listen here

Tiesto & Diplo - C'Mon (DivKid "C'mon Me" Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by DivKid

Jun 15, 2011

Ribbon Tweeter Worship - Headwarmer EP

Deep, chugging modern psychedelic house and electro ready to shake your ass to and elevate your mind with. Not the commercial pop rocktronica thats being passed for electro house these days. With Chris Fortier (_40oz) at the remix controls dropping a huge summer tribal acid bomb for Headwarmer and a tough booty shakin electro breaks remix of Blacktop Beauty by Oilpanic, the Headwarmer EP is a perfect antidote to all the cookie cutter tracks you're already bored with.

Get your summer on lateral thought stylee!

About 530Techno // In the farthest reaches of America's backwaters, a small group of electronic musicians make music that reflects the diverse backgrounds of their region as well as the stark realities of the struggle that is life in remote, rural Northern California. 530Techno // techno + house + lateral thought

Ribbon Tweeter Worship - Headwarmer EP // 530D-003 by 530Techno

Jun 14, 2011

Nutek - Mind Space

I finished this track over a year ago and never did anything with it.. now you can download it for for free! All I ask is that you post or tweet about it and include my Facebook link http://facebook.com/nutekmusic :)

Thanks for your support, hope you like it!
Nutek - Mind Space [FREE DOWNLOAD - See Description] by Nutek

Jun 12, 2011

Joachim Garraud - Everybody In The Place (AutoErotique Remix)

Joachim’s INVASION performances set the bar for live electronic music shows. Not one to hide behind his laptop, Joachim’s show features live vocal performances, his legendary keytar and instrumental jam sessions, and unparalleled Space Invader-themed visuals -- just see the YouTube video!

Joachim recently released a new full-length album ‘Invasion 2011,’ a vivid perpetuation of the French producer's love for irresistibly catchy dance music, complete with signature vocals, irresistible clubland builds and bass hits, and his inimitable energy throughout each party-starting track. It features “Everyone In The Place,” a floor-filling dance number that's been remixed into an even bigger banger by AutoErotique.

Joachim Garraud - Everybody In The Place (AutoErotique Remix) by Electric Zoo Festival

Jordan & Simon Bright - May Mix

1: A.Paul - CMYK (Ben Sims Disco Trix Remix)
2: Lighter Thief - Comeback
3: Fer Br - Al Cuadrado
4: Ben Sims - In The Middle
5: Jeff Mills - Figure Alarms (Fer Br Bootleg)
6: Ben Sims - Dollar Bill Y' All
7: Fer Br - Menudo Dia
8: DJ 3000 - Midnight Express (Ben Sims Remix)
9: A.Paul - Makumba
10: Spiriakos - Detuning (A.Paul Remix)
11: Industrialyzer - Natural Taste
12: Spiriakos & Steen - Bag
13: A.Paul - Sabre Wulf
14: Spiriakos & Steen - DC

Jordan & Simon Bright - May Mix by SimonBright

U Sure Do - Strike (Xtopher's Ghetto Terrace Mix)

U Sure Do - Strike (Xtopher's Ghetto Terrace Mix) by youlovextopher