Mar 5, 2011

Dirtie Clouds Debut EP - Child's Play

Dirtie Clouds Djs are a up and coming duo out of Brisbane and have exploded. With there latest tune "Child's Play" going for a remix competition it grabbed the attention of many artists from around the world from many genres. They chose what they feel would have something for everybody, Jackin House, Electro, Dutch House & Dubstep.
Childs Play EP by Dirtie Cloud Dj's

Cuba Libre' - Max Tkacz (Promo Release)

I am a DJ and Producer from Detroit and am excited to offer you a promo on my latest song 'Cuba Libre.' First and foremost, I invite you to listen to this minimal infused tech-house track

Below is the link to 'Cuba Libre' - Max Tkacz, on SoundCloud. From Soundcloud you can instantly preview the song and/or download it:

Cuba Libre (Original Mix) by Max Tkacz

The track begins with a minimalistic, percussion heavy ambiance and a dominating sine-wave synth. This quickly culminates into an energetic vibe, though sticking to a "less is more" principle, quite like the "Cuba Libre" cocktail (Rum, Coke, and Lime) from which the track receives it's name.

DivKid - Whah EP

Newest release that is out today for your blog. It's called Whah by DivKid.
It has had exclusive DJ and Radio support my Carl Cox, Morgan Thomas and many more! The EP covers all Electro, Progressive Tech-House & Techno. Remixes by Autophase, Feedback, Deep Infect, Paul D Lewis and Alex Grekov.

[LUNG016] || DivKid - Whah EP *OUT NOW* with support from CARL COX + many more! by Lung Filler Records