Jun 29, 2009

VA-Pure Techhouse WEB-2008

artist : VA
title . Pure Techhouse
type : WEB
year . 2008
genre : House
subgenre . Tech House
label : Streetlight
cat . STREET002F4
quality . 320kbps / 44.1Khz / Full Stereo


01.Lukas Greenberg - What A Day (Original Mix) 08:03
02.Nick Curly - Deep Breath (Original Mix) 06:56
03.From P60 - Enjoy The Sound (Original Mix) 06:55
04.Harold Heath - Silver Sun (Original Mix) 07:00
05.Budai & Vic - Don't Come Back (Original Mix) 06:45
06.Adam Jace - Doktor Deep (Original Mix) 07:18
07.Nikola Gala - On Bended Knee (Original Mix) 06:44
08.The Timewriter - Thunderball
feat. Theresa Baltimore (Original Mix) 06:37
09.Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Fix Me Up (Terry's Dub Mix) 06:24
10.The Mulder - I Take You Out To Space (2007 Mix) 07:31
11.Soda Inc. - Night Fever (Original Mix) 08:38

1:18:51 min 180 MB

Download VA-Pure Techhouse WEB-2008 part1
Download VA-Pure Techhouse WEB-2008 part2

Trentemoller Fresh N Fruit

Download Trentemoller Fresh N Fruit part1
Download Trentemoller Fresh N Fruit part2

VA Boogybytes Vol 4 Mixed By Ellen Allien

Boogy Bytes Vol.4 Mixed by Ellen Allien

Tecnical Details:

Label: BPitch Control
Genre: Minimal
Mp3 Bitrate: VBR
Quality: 44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo


01 AGF: "Liniendicke"
02 Vera: "In the Nook"
03 Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense: "Fizpatrick"
04 Melon: "Nitzi (In My Mind, So Fine)"
05 Andres Zacco & Lucas Mari: "Carbonela (Seph's Vidrionela Rmx)"
06 Konpi�ta: "Christmas Fairytale (Moessap Edit)"
07 Sozadams: "Eyes Forlon"
08 Richard Seeley: "Juicy Vermin"
09 Lucio Aquilina: "My Cube"
10 Melchior Productions: "Don Juan"
11 Friendly People: "Music Is Improper (Damien Schwartz Rmx)"
12 Sascha Funke: "Double Checked"
13 Gaiser: "Withdrawal"
14 Kassem Mosse: "A1"
15 Little Dragon: "Twice"

Download Boogy Bytes Vol.4 Mixed by Ellen Allien part1
Download Boogy Bytes Vol.4 Mixed by Ellen Allien part2

Tiga - Sonar 2006

Download Tiga - Sonar 2006 part1
Download Tiga - Sonar 2006 part2


Tomcraft - For The Queen
Label: Kosmo Records
Catalog#: KOS3019
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Released: 14 Sep 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Electro, Tech House
Quality: VBR kbps / 44.1 kHz
Time: 56:51 min


01. Broadsword Calling Danny Boy (feat. Jimmy Boy)
02. Relax
03. People Like Them (feat. Xavier Naidoo)
04. Cafe Del Isar
05. Thomas Of Bavaria
06. Ready To Go (feat. Republica)
07. Lick Drop
08. Phophor Nights
09. Escape From New York
10. Aint No Problem
11. For The Queen

Download Tomcraft - For the Queen (2007)

Artist…………..: Tomcraft
Title…………….: Hyper Sexy Conscious
Genre………….: House
Year……………: 2006
Bitrate………..: Vbr/44.1 KHz
Rel Date………: 31-03-2006
Size…………….: 106 MB

01. Sureshot (05:36)
02. Quelle Heure Est-il (03:49)
03. On Screen (05:26)
04. Roots (07:33)
05. Tight As We Are (04:01)
06. Electronic Toy (05:49)
07. Dirty Sanchez (06:05)
08. Bloated (05:03)
09. First Attempt (04:29)
10. Da Disco (04:14)
11. We (07:31)
12. Da Disco (Clubmix) (Bonus Track) (06:24)
13. Sureshot (feat. Sido & Tai Jason) (Bonus Track) (03:06)

Download Hyper Sexy Conscious

Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte


01 - Intro
02 - Cocotte
03 - USB Dick (plug me in)
04 - Hands of a Stranger
05 - Fuckin? Frog
06 - Break out the Wheel
07 - Vacuum
08 - Ghost House
09 - Tales from the Pigs
10 - Beel
11 - Du, meine Sonne
12 - Dran
13 - Franz Schubert
14 - Aviateur
15 - Cocotte - (Boys Noize rework)
16 - Cocotte - (Hystereo rebrand)

Download Teenage Bad Girl - Cocotte

TECHNO Roman Flugel Alter Ego Higher Frequency Mix Show

Download TECHNO Roman Flugel Alter Ego Higher Frequency Mix Show part1
Download TECHNO Roman Flugel Alter Ego Higher Frequency Mix Show part2
Download TECHNO Roman Flugel Alter Ego Higher Frequency Mix Show part3

TD Podcast 06 - Gavin Herlihy

Author : Gavin Herlihy
Genre : Electronic
Style : Tech-House
Lenght : 01:01:00
Size : 139mb
Quality : 192kbit, 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Author site: http://www.myspace.com/gavinherlihy

He Irishman, then a resident of London, now - in Berlin. Like many of his colleagues in the music shop, he often changes the location and accommodation. Creativity Herlihy rises in underground House and Techno. Before entrainment didzheingom Gavin was editor of the magazine "Mixmag", which spent more than 7 years, traveling as a journalist for a variety of topics the magazine - from the section of the club, before the «rating hits».
His first hit - «Machine Ate My Homework» (via Moodmusic, 2006), with success came in the cases of such brokers as Laurent Garnier, Luciano, DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, MYLO, Ewan Peason, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Howells and James Lavelle. Starting from this very year, and to this day, he released a lot of singles and remixes on such labels as a world-Opium Haze, Praia Brava, Get Physical, Leftroom, Paradigma ... covered by the club life of the world on many television and radio channels - ITV News, Channel 4 News, BBC News 24, BBC 1 News, CNN. He is the author of numerous articles in such journals as the Irish Independent and the Scotsman.
Currently, Gavin Herlihy has experience didzheinga over 4 years old, is a resident of the popular British club «Bump» and for a rapidly growing creative work as a DJ played his sets in Ibiza, Barcelona, Portugal, Ireland, many City United Kingdom, in Miami, in the Ukraine and Poland.
Now, he hurries to please fans of the Ukrainian electronic music TDpodcast-st, No. 6.


1. Italoboyz - 'Portucais'
2. Bookashade - 'Sweet Lies (Matthias Tanzmann remix)
3. Affkt & Danny Fido - 'Points'
4. Spencer Parker - 'The Improvised Minotaur'
5. Amelie Vs Audiofly - 'Move'
6. Lucca Bacchetti - 'El Matador'
7. Dan Drastic - 'Slice of Life (Johnny D remix)
8. Arnaud Le Texier - 'Ninety Four'
9. Robert Dietz - 'Shunsower'
10. David K - 'Yakiniku'
11. Julien Chaptal - 'Joel Starr'
12. SeX Trothler - 'Aphrika'
13. Adam Marshall - 'Thelon'

Download TD Podcast 06 - Gavin Herlihy part1
Download TD Podcast 06 - Gavin Herlihy part2

Steve Lawler - Viva London (2007)



01. Zap - Plumonito (Matias Muten Mix) - Immigrant Recordings
02. David K - Three Arches (Original Dub) - Tsuba
03. Kadebostan - Spirit Soldiers (Original) - Freude am Tanzen
04. Gel Abril - Very Wrong (Patrick Zigon Mix) - Be As One Records
05. Luke Hess - Omnipotent - Berretta Grey Recordings
06. Re Shuffle - Paparrazi - Supplement Facts
07. Nils Noa - X Rated - Groove Collection
08. Danton Eeprom - To The Bone - Tsuba
09. Deetron feat DJ Bone - Life Soundtrack - Music Man Records
10. Mario Zar & Marco Berto - Infrared - VIVA Music
11. David K - Three Arches (Samim Mix) - Tsuba


01. Joel Mull - Sunny Hills EP - Audio Matique Records
02. Onur Ozer - Allegro Energico - Vakant Records
03. Ole & Polygon - Instinto Primario - 4 Line Recordings
04. Dubfire - RibCage - Desolate Recordings
05. Simon Baker - Confused - VIVA Music
06. Bushwacka! - Long Distance - Olmeto Records
07. Adam Beyer - China Girl - Mad Eye Recordings
08. Steve Lawler - Violet - Rekids
09. Der Dritte Raum - Plutonium - Harthouse
10. Remo & Sidechainers - Steel 24 - Dance Electric Recordings
11. Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein - Tifilis - My Best Friend Recordings
12. Steve Lawler - Courses For Horses - Renaisance Recordings

Download Steve Lawler - Viva London (2007) part1
Download Steve Lawler - Viva London (2007) part2

Schranz Total 18.0

Artist: V.A.
Title: Schranz Total 18.0
Year: 2008
Genre: Schranz
Quality: VBRkbps/44,1kHz
Size: 205,3 MB



01 marco remus - Unplugged techno
02 Linda pearl - ILPT
03 sinclair - try again
04 dj arcane - keymaker
05 alex TB - sweet sofia
06 Marcel costeau - U know what
07 jason little - where is he
08 matt m madoox - zutoo
09 hardtrax - we bring you anger (sinclair remix)
10 jackhamma - never look back
11 morison & spark - tarberner foxi
12 marcel costeau - bad motherfucker
13 jason little - watchin
14 svetec - shwo this to your mother
15 matt m madoox - orange tool
16 subsonic - tribal sacrificies
17 morison & spark - taberner fiction
18 Cherrymoon trax - let there be house


01 hardtechno anthem - ViperXXL
02 mad m maddox - bad option
03 boris s - back
04 sven wittekind - bastard
05 Viperxxl - hex
06 Viperxxl - grand theft auto
07 Boris s - Wet t shirt contest
08 Sepromatiq - Slovakia
09 Sepromatiq - Tomorrow
10 Viperxxl - CDG
11 Dean rodell - Attack
12 sven wittekind - What are u waiting for
13 Sepromatiq - Six point one
14 disappointment and hate - fl-x
15 dogs on crack - this baby aint nothing
16 arkus p - I need your love
17 robert natus - blades 4 seven
18 fl-x - pursuit of life

Doqnload Schranz Total 18.0 part1
Doqnload Schranz Total 18.0 part2
Doqnload Schranz Total 18.0 part3

Satoshi Tomiie - Sonar Festival

Download Satoshi Tomiie @ Sonar Festival part1
Download Satoshi Tomiie @ Sonar Festival part2

Robert Hood - Fabric 39

So here comes Robert Hood, striding in like the Iron Man (Chevrolet edition, made in Detroit) to show all the new jacks what minimalism’s all about. This is the guy (not German or Canadian) who released Minimal Nation in 1994 and who minimized to maximize back when Ritchie had a baldhead and Romania was known more for its orphans than its techno.

Unfortunately life and music seldom play out like a PR story. Robert Hood says he is still “embracing minimalism and seeing how far I can push it” but it’s not a minimalism that many people today would recognize, as it includes disco samples and has neither ping-pong effects nor reverbed snares.

The briefest listen to Fabric 39 immediately communicates how the meaning of ‘minimal’ has changed: Today when we think minimal we think ‘just beats’ but what Hood thinks is ‘repetition’.

So it’s not really minimal, but it’s definitely techno. Hood doesn’t fuck about and after a brief five minutes or so of melodic teasing we get straight to the hard, fast 4/4 beats. The mixes come fast, abrupt (and occasionally sloppy) in the Detroit style and the tracks are loopy, beaty and aggressive. This makes for a mix that is unquestionably taking the “this is what my live sets sound like” route, rather than going for a more living-room oriented sound.

I’ve not heard Robert Hood play for a good few years now, but if this is what his live sets currently sound like then he certainly hasn’t mellowed with age. It feels less like the tracks are being mixed together, and more like they’re being hurled at the dancefloor in quick succession. This makes for some great moments, like when Joris Voorn’s hypnotic ‘Fever’ suddenly cuts out to make way for the looped, filtered disco of Fab G’s ‘Bust the Vibes’.

But don’t be misled into thinking that means there’s no mixing involved, quite the opposite. Hood pretty much always has two records on the go. Like his long-time collaborator Jeff Mills he treats records as tools and components to be reassembled into a new whole. Fabric 39 is not up there with Live at the Liquid Room as a piece of technical wizardry, but it is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

In its best moments, this mix is a great summation of a particularly hardy and long-lived style of Detroit techno, the kind with fast pummeling beats, short loops and a punchy, urban feel. It doesn’t want to gently seduce you into dancing, it wants to beat you into submission and then jiggle your limp limbs like a puppet on a string. Particularly noteworthy cuts are the echoing warehouse feel of Mion’s ‘Drop the Filter’ which is some of the grimiest techno I’ve heard in a long time and Robert Hood’s own, beautifully simple ‘Element 7’.

Hood thankfully also understands the limitations of this style and punctuates long stretches of tune-free percussion with either disco loops like ‘Bust the Vibes’ and ‘Pulp Funktion 2’ or, towards the end of the CD, with more anthemic modern techno like Scorp’s ‘New Energy’ or UK Gold’s ‘Agent Wood’.

What this isn’t is a showcase of a new and exciting scene. It sticks to the basics, uses a few older tunes and a few newer ones and basically gives a primer on Robert Hood. If you’re already a fan there’s not much here that’s going to surprise you. If you’re not so familiar this is as a good an introduction as any to both Robert Hood and the classic second-wave Detroit style.

Tracklist: Robert Hood - Fabric 39

01 Monobox - Silicone Fingers – Logistic
02 Element 9
03 Robert Hood – Who Taught You Math – Peacefrog
04 Pacou – X-Factor – Cache
05 Robert Hood – Strobe Light – Music Man/N.E.W.S.
06 Marco Lenzi – Taboo – Molecular
07 Joris Voorn – Fever [Rephrased] – Keynote
08 Fab G – Bust The Vibes [Real Disco Mix] – Grand Prix
09 Dan March – Sandune – Meta
10 Element 3
11 Diego – Mind Detergent [Robert Hood Remix] – Kanzleramt
12 Jeff Mills – Skin Deep – Axis
13 Robert Hood – School – Music Man/N.E.W.S.
14 Element 23
15 John Thomas – Mr. Funk – Logistic
16 DJ Skull – Informant – Hypnotic Tones
17 Scorp – One Side – Music Man/N.E.W.S
18 Pacou – All It Takes – Cache
19 Phase – Mass – N.E.W.S.
20 UK Gold – Agent Wood - [Adam Beyer Remix] – New Records
21 Solid Decay – Legalize! - Lessismore
22 Element 7
23 Robert Hood – Side Effect – Music Man/N.E.W.S.
24 Mion- Drop The Filter – Music Man/N.E.W.S.
25 Scorp – New Energy – Music Man/N.E.W.S.
26 UK Gold – Agent Wood [Original Mix] – New Records
27 Robert Hood – Still Here [Los Hermanos Remix] – Music Man/N.E.W.S
28 John Thomas – Pulp Funktion 2 – Logistic
29 Robert Hood – The Greatest Dancer – M-Plant
30 Low Life – Exclamation - Mosaic
31 Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape – Music Man/N.E.W.S.
32 Element 12

Download Robert Hood - Fabric 39 part1
Download Robert Hood - Fabric 39 part2

Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling


02 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Queer Fellow
05 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Square 1
06 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Altes Kamuffel (Special Berlin Calling Edit)
09 - SASCHA FUNKE - Mango (Special Berlin Calling Edit)
10 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Atzepeng (Special Berlin Calling Edit)
11 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Castenets (Special Berlin Calling Edit)
15 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Absynthe
16 - PAUL KALKBRENNER - Gebrunn Gebrunn (Special Berlin Calling Edit)

Download Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling part1
Download Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling part2

Paul Woolford Pres Bobby Peru

Release Date | Release date: 2008
Style | Genre: Tech House | Ambient House | Minimal House
Songs | Tracks: 13
Time sound | Duration: --
Size | Size: 98 mb
Bitrate | Bitrate: 192
Password to archive | Password: avi

The list of songs | Tracklist:

01. The Truth
02. Throb
03. Scandal
04. Anatomy Of Desire
05. Shibboleth 06.Once Bitten
07. Radioactive
08. Emotional Violence
09. Venom
10. Society
11. Each & Every Time
12. Aguirre
13. Erotic Discourse (Green Velvet edit)

Download Paul Woolford Pres Bobby Peru part1
Download Paul Woolford Pres Bobby Peru part2

Dj Myas Zmix

Download Dj Myas Zmix

Announcement of, booking ARTISTS, Gallery, Music, and other information on WWW.DJMAYS.COM

Her Majesty Music has always been the main love Ruslana Meysa. Beginning with the start of professional career in 1998 when the next best disc jockey played a House of Odessa and breykbit, and ending with the conquest of thousands dance floor techno sound incendiary in the new millennium, the main catalyst for the continuing growth of a musician has always been it. But who could imagine that the same guy, suddenly all won the competition DJ Association DJ Profy, then become almost the sole representative of South Palmyra on the largest dance floor post-Soviet space? But talent is Ruslan from nature, as well as the extraordinary hard work and perseverance were the factors that brought Meysu nationwide love and marriage.

Becoming an integral part of the Odessa-underground movement in the late 90th years, Ruslan immediately began to be active - it is equally possible to call a cultural education as well, sorry for the trivial, the entertainment. While these two concepts can coexist peacefully, and showed that the city founders Alien DJs Promo: our hero and his friends Eugene and Denise Scratch Demon. To advocate quality techno music, they took in two ways - through direct contact with the audience on the dance floor night club, and through the media space. A help in this noble endeavor a couple of buddies were two legends: religious institution Cosmo, is a pioneer of electronic culture of the port city, and the radio station Feel - the main mouthpiece of the whole movement in those years. Within the walls of the first were the most interesting events, and radio Ruslan given the opportunity to represent their vision of technology in the radio project «therapy», «Pulse», «territory».

The foundation for a successful career was finally built, and it is time to move forward. The next turning point in the fate Meysa became nebezyzvestny Festival KaZantip 2001. Sam dj not repeat that this event annually brings together thousands of klabberov, more than anything else influenced his professional development. Indeed, since the first successful performance in Popovka standing proposal to permanently escorted tour of techno-musician every week of his life. Between 2002 and 2007, Ruslana listen to music people of cities such as Moscow, Rostov, Kharkov, Peter, Odessa, Warsaw, Kiev, Lviv, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod - the list goes on and on. Sub sets Meysa danced visitors the many major festivals: KaZantip, I loveTechnoUA, Kyiv Techno Fest, Electro Autumn, Perfect Rave, Sound Tropolis, Water Dance, Global Gathering Ukraine, TechnoSfera, Play Techno Z, etc.

Naturally, okoloklubnaya the public could not ignore the bright and such a charismatic personality - now in the arsenal of Ruslana whole collection of various awards. In 2004, Beck's Establishes a special award and named it the best DJs in Odessa, thus fixing it this status de jure. And next year, followed by a similar recognition of national significance - the title «The best techno DJ Ukraine» Ruslan gets to TopDJ Awards. The same Web resource, and vote for the Medoff NightLife Awards again «done» djem the best of his native city in 2008 - on the basis of all-Ukrainian rating TopDJ he took 4 th place. And this, be sure that only the beginning, because anyone who, as well Meysu to conquer the forces of the greatest height, which makes it a modern electronic scene.

Today Meys - one of the most popular electronic artists from the Ukrainian tour schedule, sign the months ahead. Continuing to make didzheyskimi setami to please the audience and their own radio show The Real Techno Mix on the waves of the main dance country radio station Kiss FM, Ruslan was not trying to stop there. In early 2007, was his debut live-speech under the pseudonym Crash Liner - this draft specifically designed to provide more tech-heavy sound. However, the roots of a musical career is not forgotten, and in 2008 saw the first light-producing Meysa releases. His remix of song Moonyani aka Rob Mooney - Heavy Rotation into the playlist to the Carl Cox, opening the regular transfer of Global Issue legendary with millions of audience worldwide. A recent joint work with other domestic producer of Sunchase - track Nautilus - goes on the label Oliver Koletski Flash Recordings. And so, pay attention, only the first samples of a pen. Will the do better? Do you have any doubts?

www.myspace.com / ruslanmays



Oliver Koletzki


Oliver Koletzki - Get Wasted

The time has come. Oliver Koletzki, whose career was kick-started in 2005 when Sven Väth picked up his tune “Mückenschwarm” for a re-release on his imprint Cocoon, is finally getting out his debut album “Get Wasted” in May this year.

Koletzki has been hailed for his euphoric new German techno sound releasing tracks on his own two labels Stil vor Talent and Flash Recordings as well as doing numerous remixes and productions for artists as diverse as Client, Rockers Hifi, Oliver Huntemann, The Egg, Karri O, Daso, Lützenkirchen or Cassius. From dreamy minimal to stomping dance floor hits, Koletzki has got it all. Just like this album.

After one and a half years of work between gigs all around the world “Get Wasted” is now being released on Olivers own label Stil vor Talent, which means: no compromising. This is 150% Koletzki. You can hear Oliver’s unique signature sound in all 11 tracks of the album. Additionally, Oliver sat down with many befriended artists like his partner in crime Florian Meindl, his Bpitch Control buddy Kiki, Ziggy Kinder and Kling Klong label owner Martin Eyerer to produce this diverse album.

The album opens with “When We Were Young”, a natural hit building up with a catchy guitar sample until the euphoric loop kicks in. From there he moves on to more techy sounds. “Dieses Lied glaubt an sich” is a housy pusher with chopped-up vocals and a huge sample that is bathing in a wonderful breakdown. After that it’s straight down to business with title track “Get Wasted Part 1″ that has been produced by no one else than Martin Eyerer himself. Rare, but nonetheless fulfilling, Oliver adds some vocals to this delirious funk-monster. Listen up! Also, together with Martin Eyerer Oliver produced the bonus track “Meniskus” which is featured exclusively on the CD version of the album: a trippily jumping minimal track with a hefty subbass.

Working together with Bpitch Control artist Kiki, Oliver has created what could easily be the strongest track of the album: “Don’t forget to go home” is a hypnotic minimal masterpiece and combines the best of the two producers. Kikis effect-laden beats and Olivers memorable melodies are a perfect addition and when the subbass kicks in on the breakdown, you know why Koletzki decided to work with his buddy from Bpitch: this is elegant party music at its best! This track will already be available as a limited edition picture disc with only 700 copies worldwide.

Obviously Florian Meindl, rightly one of the hottest minimal producers of the moment, has contributed a lot to this album, too. Together with Koletzki he co-produced three tracks. First there is “Get Wasted Part II”, a deep trippy rework of the title track filled with lots of delays and noise, and using a refiltered sample of the original vocal. The two tracks “Bud Spencer” and “Terrence Hill” showcase the sound of their collective label Flash Recordings: two stomping techno tracks with many different synthies and some wonderful Koletzki-Style melodies plus typical Meindleske beats. Goose bumps guaranteed!

Apart from the collaboration with Ziggy Kinder on “Kick Trick” – a dirty and ravy tech-house anthem – there are two more pure Koletzki productions. “Song for S.” is a love song. If dedicated to a lost girlfriend or an old love for melodic 80ies synthesisers, nobody knows. In any case, this track is something for the ladies; warmly moving over a grooving bassline and flying away back to more careless times. On “Requiem für die Vernunft” one can clearly hear Koletzkis early love for hiphop and disco. This track is full of samples reminiscent of these times.


oliver51. When We Were Young
2. Dieses lied glaubt an sich
3. Get Wasted Part 1
4. Don’t Forget To Go Home
5. Get Wasted Part 2
6. Kick Trick
7. Requiem fur die Vernunft
8. Bud Spencer
9. Terence Hill
10. Song for S.
11. Meniscus

Download Oliver Koletzki part1
Download Oliver Koletzki part2
Download Oliver Koletzki part3
Download Oliver Koletzki part4
Download Oliver Koletzki part5

Oliver Huntemann

Download Oliver Huntemann

Marco Bailey

Marco Bailey - Mission Sat 07-21-2007
Marco Bailey le mix - underground 2007-12-13
Marco Bailey Radio - underground 2007-11-15

Download Marco Bailey part1
Download Marco Bailey part2

Love Parade 2008

Anja Schneider love parade 2008

1. Anja Schneider Kevin Saunderson - Rock To The Beat (Smith and Selway mix)
2. Catz N Dogz - My Zoo is Your Zoo (Guido Schneider mix)
3. Daniele Papini - Church Of Nonsense
4. Anja Schneider - Belize
5. Anja Schneider - Daniele Papini - Church Of nonsense

David Guetta love parade 2008

1 David Guetta - Just A Little More Love
2 David Guetta feat chris willis - Tomorrow Cant Wait
3 Run DMC vs Bodyrox - Its Like My Bodyrox
4 The Prodigy - Breathe (? mix)
5 David Guetta vs The Egg - Love Dont Let Me Go (Walking Away)
6 Alex Gopher - Aurora
7 David Guetta feat Chris Willis - Love Is Gone (Joachim Garraud mix)

Carl Craig love parade 2008

1 Inner City - Big Fun
2 The Sunburst Band - Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer beats)
3 ?
4 Carl Craig pres Zoos Of Berlin - Looking For Water
5 Plastikman - Spastik (Dubfire mix)

Loveparade 2008 - Armin Van Buuren

1 Coldplay - Life In Technicolor (intro)
2 Binary Finary - 1998 (Binary finality mix)
3 Ali Wilson - Shakedown
4 Armin van Buuren and Shah feat Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Alex MORPH mix)
5 Jochen Miller - Lost Connection
6 Abel Ramos - Electro Fun (K-System Bootleg)

Loveparade 2008 - Dj Hell

1 Hell - The Disaster - Gigolo
2 Marascia - Leggy - Gigolo
3 ?
4 Patrice Baumel - Roar - GPM
5 ?
6 Dakar - Ive Got That Feeling - GPM

Loveparade 2008 - Dubfire

1 Dubfire - Emissions (00:00)
2 Radio Slave - Grindhouse (Dubfire terror planet mix) (13:00)

Loveparade 2008 - Moby

1 Moby - Raining Again (Steve Angello mix)
2 Moby - Go (remix)
3 Moby - The Stars
4 Moby – Disco Lies (Spencer and Hill mix)
5 Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Ferry Corsten mix)
6 Moby - Thousand

Download Loveparade 2008 part1
Download Loveparade 2008 part2

Masami Shimomura - Sonar 2006

Download Masami Shimomura - Sonar 2006 part1
Download Masami Shimomura - Sonar 2006 part2

Essential Mix - Erol Alkan

Download Essential Mix - Erol Alkan part1
Download Essential Mix - Erol Alkan part2

LOD Sonar 2006

Download LOD Sonar 2006 part1
Download LOD Sonar 2006 part2

Electrolove (018) Mark Starr feat. Wrexx

1. Xpress2 – Muzik (Skylark Remix)
2. Plastikman vs Sebastian Ledger – Spasik Jaguar (Mark Starr’s 15 Year Anniversary Mashup)
3. Milton Jackson – Ghost In My Machine (Original Mix)
4. Junior Boys – No Kinda Man (Jona Remix)
5. Bassaddicts – The Time Is Right (Original Mix)
6. MSTRKRFT – VUVUVU (Original Mix) [Mark Starr’s Slight Structure Edit]
7. Basement Jaxx vs Luciano Ingrosso & John Dahlback – Where’s Your Godfather At? (Mark Starr’s Subtle Cuts Mashup)
8. Fischerspooner – Danse En France (D.I.M. Remix)
9. Worthy – Work The Walls (Yankee Zulu Remix)
10. Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Yvel Tristan Remix)

-end of Mark’s mix-

DJ Wrexx’s Mix:

1. Wrexx – Ceiling Steps (Unfinished)
2. Wrexx – Tasteless Words (Unfinished)
3. Sasha – Mongoose (Wrexx Remix)
4. Wrexx – Timeline (Unsigned)
5. Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Twocker Remix)
6. Elite Force – Used & Abused (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
7. Future Funk Squad – DeMystified (Andy Page Remix)
8. Nino Anthony ft. Melleefresh – Dancin Girl (Ale Avilla Mix)
9. Hoxton Whores – Friday Saturday Love (Calverton & Bailey Mix)
10. Ice Cube – You can do it (Bass Kleph Bootleg)
11. Elite Force – Engine
12. Junk Project – Block Rockin Beat
13. General Electric – On the Run (Diverted Remix)
14. Kelly Rowland – Daylight (Camaro Bros Remix)

Electrolove (018) Mark Starr feat. Wrexx part1
Electrolove (018) Mark Starr feat. Wrexx part2
Electrolove (018) Mark Starr feat. Wrexx part3

Dj Shultz Kazantip Mix

Download Dj Shultz Kazantip Mix part1
Download Dj Shultz Kazantip Mix part2

Alter Ego Trance (17 July 2007) - with Abbott and Chambers.mp3

Download Alter Ego Trance - with Abbott and Chambers.mp3

Alter Ego Breezeblock Mix

Download Alter Ego breezeblock mix

Alter Ego live at Kozzmozz

Download Alter Ego live at kozzmozz

Alter Ego - Why Not

You can squeeze a lot out of an acronym, IMHO. Sixteen years ago, Naughty by Nature shot to number one when they sung about 'OPP'. Now, three years after Alter Ego hit the nownow with ‘Rocker’ – a track that hit every nerve it touched – they return to conquer with a three letter strategy of their own: OTT.

The b-side ‘Blitz’ off the ‘Blank’ EP hinted that things were tending otherwise, toward some kind of narco-aquatic minimal a la False’s 2007, but all those addled promises of a deep/minimal dive have been dashed here against smoke-ready rocks that are harder, faster, and more ridiculously high-impact than even the craziest moments on ‘Rocker‘.

The earlier excesses of 2000’s ‘Betty Ford’ are a landmark, but even she seems grey and timid compared to some of the maddest tracks here. ‘Pleasure Island’, the album’s penultimate track, is hard enough to make DJ Rush exclaim: ‘Man, that’s some hard mutha-fuckin’ beats.’ The track culminates in an orgy of horns that has to be heard to be disbelieved. Imagine Smith & Hack’s ‘Moving like a Train’ cranked with enough brass, iron and juice to be moving like a supertanker. It's that massive and unstoppable.

The tracks that don’t go harder, go longer. ‘Jolly Joker’ is a ten-minute epic of excess that melds the violently happy extremes of '90s rave to bleeding edge sound design, and there’s the rub. Behind the maniacal face of every OTT hook and ridiculous tear-out on Why Not?! is some serious attention to detail – if this is evil clown makeup, it’s the kind applied with laser beams. ‘Fuckingham Palace’ takes microboompty to its hypermanic limit, with huge stabs and bass-drops redolent of Si Begg or Tipper’s high-impact sub-bass busting shenanigans. ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ (following the royal run) is likewise full of huge dive-bombing saw-wave attacks and repeated raygun blasts that out-Audion Audion. ‘Chicken Shag’ announces in its own way that it’s time for the percolator, but again, this is Green Velvet slapped, tweaked and pumped up to cartoonish proportions.

Humour has never been techno’s strong point, but here it’s back in full song. Wuttke and Flügel are throwing out the question: you down with OTT? And if you say ‘No!’– you po-faced humourless mnml schmoe – the immediate response would seem to be, ‘Why Not?!’ The whole album is a parody of a caricature – each track takes its influences and out does them by a factor of five, rendering them in evermore louder, brighter and more garish colours. The cumulative effect of one peak after another makes it unbearable as an album from start to finish, but each track has a well-deserved place in the peakiest of peak-points of your silliest Saturday night. In a genre that reifies restraint to the point of strangling all colour out of intensity, Why Not?! is a paintbomb filled with high-contrast toxic bombast flung from the edges of madness into the obstinately ‘black box’ mentality of minimalism. And that’s a good thing…isn’t it?


01. Alter Ego -- Why not (5:39) mp3
02. Alter Ego -- Gary (7:11) mp3
03. Alter Ego -- Fuckingham Palace (6:11) mp3
04. Alter Ego -- Jolly Joker (10:40) mp3
05. Alter Ego -- Qeen Annes Revenge (7:01) mp3
06. Alter Ego -- Chicken Shag (5:59) mp3
07. Alter Ego -- Third World Food on Upper East Side (8:50) mp3
08. Alter Ego -- Blank (7:30) mp3
09. Alter Ego -- Exile on Bleep Street (7:03) mp3
10. Alter Ego -- Pleasure Island (7:06) mp3
11. Alter Ego -- Welcome to Germany

Download Alter Ego - Why Not part1
Download Alter Ego - Why Not part2

Jun 22, 2009

Trentemoller - The Club - 30.11.07

Trentemøller made his debut in 1997 together with DJ Tom Von Rosen, (aka DJ T.O.M.) when they formed the first live-house act in Denmark, Trigbag, and started playing concerts all over the globe. Trigbag's single “Showtime” was played by international DJs such as Alex Gopher, Laurent Garnier and Etienne de Crécy. Trigbag dissolved in 2000.

Trentemøller returned on Naked Music in 2003 with The Trentemøller EP including the tracks “Le Champagne” and “Work in Progress”. Trentemøller received the award “Up Front Release of the Year” at the Danish DJ Awards in February 2004 for the Track “Le Champagne”.

In late 2004 he and his friend and partner, DJ Buda, issued a white label remix of Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker", under the name "Run Jeremy". Together they've also made other tracks such as "Gamma" and "25 Timer". Furthermore, Trentemøller has worked together with DJ Buda and DJ T.O.M. on another track on the upcoming and much anticipated Lulu Rouge album entitled "Bless You" released in May 2008.

In February 2005 Steve Bug released the renowned Trentemøller EP "Physical Fraction" on his label Audiomatique. This release put Trentemøller on the map of internationally successful producers, and was followed by three releases on Bug’s main label Poker Flat: Polar Shift, Sunstroke and the Nam Nam EP. Many reader polls awarded him as the Best Newcomer of the year 2005.

Trentemøller is also a much demanded remixer. Highlights have been his remixes for Martinez ("Shadowboxing"), Sharon Philips ("Want 2 Need 2"), Röyksopp ("What Else Is There?"), The Knife ("We Share Our Mother’s Health"), "Sodom" for the Pet Shop Boys, and Moby’s hit "Go". "Go (Trentemøller Remix)" charted at #38 on the Australian ARIA Club chart in October 2006.[citation needed]

Anders' debut album The Last Resort was released on Poker Flat in October 2006. German magazine Groove Mag and French magazine Trax both voted it as "Record of the Year" in November 2006.[citation needed]

His Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 was voted Essential Mix of the Year by listeners in 2006.

In 2007 the song "Moan" by Trentemøller featuring Ane Trolle was a big hit in Denmark as well as a top 30 hit in the Belgium Singles Top 50, and was accompanied with a grim video depicting Laika in space.

In 2008 he composed the soundtrack for the Danish movie Det Som Ingen Ved (That Which No One Knows).

The song "Vamp" from The Last Resort is featured in "Eastbound & Down: Chapter 2" during a dance scene.

Download Trentemoller - The Club - 30.11.07


Sputnik Turntable Days 2007 - 66 hours of live sets from Agent Twist, Audio Al, Boogie Pimps, Boris Dlugosch, Breakfastklub, Brothers Incognito, Christian Fischer, Coline, Digitalex, Digitalism, Foss and Stoxx, Giocoso, Groundloop, DJ Kiss, Kissogram, Le Tompe, Louis Garcia, Makossa, Marc Depulse, Martin Gerard, Max Riot and Alex Carbo, Maze, Milk and Sugar, Miss Nature, Moguai, DJ PIP, Perthil, Pornbugs, Richard Bartz, Sven Hanke, Tom B, Toni Rios, Vendas Novas, Wuttig and Reuter. ENJOY!

Download Digitalism - live - SPUTNIK Turntable days

Justice - Cross

Justice - Cross (2007) | Electronica, Dance, French

When in 2003 two French DJ Aage Gaspard (Gaspard Auge) and Xavier de Rosny (Xavier de Rosnay) have combined their efforts under the title Justice, they did not have in mind any of the great - they only planned to participate in the contest remix, who arranged a French radio station. Nevertheless, four years later, Justice - the proud owners of a prize for best video, the title of the best French team in 2007 and two nominations for the prize «Grammy». Here's what it means to write at the right time, you want a remix!

This remix, which is proposed to work for everyone, was bagatelle group Simian "Never Be Alone". Gaspard and Xavier submitted for the competition version of the so-liked people with a small label Ed Banger Records, they immediately offered to the newly contracted group. As early as next year's remix of Justice on "Never Be Alone" is on vysokoprofilny de джейский collection, produced by German label International Dee-Jay Gigolo Records, which the song has gained popularity in the grave dancefloors of Europe. In parallel, the guys are very active as a popular authors remixes - one of their clients include Britney Spears, NERD, Franz Ferdinand, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk. Meanwhile, a composition "Never Be Alone" as well costs, which in 2006 it was decided to release her single individual - the authors appeared Simian Vs Justice, and the very song called "We Are Your Friends". Shot on a song clip, even won a prize of MTV European Music Awards in the nomination «The best video», which was marked by a small skandalchikom - thank-speech with which to replace the missing musicians performed a director of the clip, was interrupted by Kanye West, who was at that time in the not so sober state of who claimed that the win was his clip, which had invested several million dollars, and not those who are not known.

In 2007, Justice released a solo single "DANCE", which, together with its rather avant-garde video became something of a phenomenon on the Internet. Bloggers posts and sent each other links to the song and video, and soon the popularity of songs in the network and turned into success in the broader sense of the word.

In the video, 'DANCE' is shown as two torsos walk to the club. As long as they wear their T-shirts act as projection screens for the millions of graphic drawings and designs created by art director of Justice's label Ed Banger.

After the release of the video, many designs of these shirts have been sold (Colette, Paris), and caused excitement among music fans.

In summer 2007 they released their debut disc "Cross" (†), on the cover of which was depicted only by their corporate neon cross - critics noted that the usual electro-house duo sounding increasingly interweave elements of rock, noise and other interesting additions. After releasing an album almost instantly became Justice demanded parties festivals, so they had to recruit additional musicians and to have as a group, rather than as two DJ with a vane. In November, he again smiled luck at the MTV European Music Awards - they again received the prize for best video, as well as the French were the best team the year. Present and this time, Kanye West did not object.

Artist: Justice
Album: Cross
Year: 2007
Genre: Electro-pank
Number of tracks: 12
Bitrate: 128 kbps, 44.100 kHz
Size: 43.78 MB

01 Justice - Genesis
02 Justice - Let There Be Light
03 Justice - D.A.N.C.E
04 Justice - New Jack
05 Justice – Phantom
06 Justice - Phantom Pt II
07 Justice – Valentine
08 Justice - The Party
09 Justice – Dvno
10 Justice – Stress
11 Justice - Waters Of Nazareth
12 Justice - One Minute To Midnight

Download Justice - Cross


ARTIST : Crystal Castles
TITLE : Crystal Castles
GENRE : Electronic
BITRATE : 196 kbps avg
PLAYTIME : 00:51:55
SIZE : 77.9MB
STORE DATE : 2008-04

Track List
1. Untrust Us 3:06
2. Alice Practice 2:41
3. Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health) 4:18
4. Magic Spells 6:06
5. XXZXCUZX Me 1:53
6. Air War 4:12
7. Courtship Date 3:30
8. Good Time 2:55
9. 1991 1:53
10. Vanished 4:03
11. Knights 3:13
12. Love And Caring 2:18
13. Through The Hosiery 3:06
14. Reckless 3:28
15. Black Panther 2:57
16. Tell Me What To Swallow 2:16

Toronto duo Crystal Castles, who, after a string of EPs
and acclaimed remixes are ready to flood your eardrums
with their own self-titled full-length debut.

An amalgamation of Klaxons' nu-rave dance, the Velvet
Underground's more cacophonous moments and the 8-bit
aesthetics of famed Nintendo composers Yoshihiro
Sakaguchi and Koji Kondo. The band was shocked when they
discovered how quickly their music (literally) moved
people. "One of our first shows, the venue said 'We've
been hosting shows for years, but no one really dances at
our shows,' " multi-instrumentalist Ethan Fawn says, "but
people like dancing to Crystal Castles."

Despite their sound, the band isn't named after the old
arcade game. Instead, the moniker was nabbed from an old
She-Ra (of Masters of the Universe fame) toy commercial
that boasted "Crystal Castle, the source of all power."
"I had a female cousin who was really happy because she
got the Crystal Castle for her birthday," says Fawn, "I
never forgot how happy she was. It was the happiest I've
ever seen anyone in my life."
After remixing the likes of Bloc Party, Liars and their
friends Klaxons, CC were offered "more than thirty"
commissions for remixes, which Fawn declined in order to
work on the Castles' debut album. "We turned down some
huge acts, but I can't name names," Fawn says (at least,
we think it was Fawn: Ethan admitted he used to have a
friend pretend to be him during interviews over the last
few years).

Download Crystal Castles Crystal Castles-(Advance)-2008

Claude VONSTROKE - At The Controls CD2

01. Kenneth Graham - Measures Of Goodwill
02. Mono Junk - Channel B
03. Luciano - Inner Sirens
04. Matthias Tanzmann - Nip Slip
05. Dan Berkson - Circuits
06. Lee Curtiss - Pink Panty
07. Italoboyz - Hannibal
08. Gui Boratto - Chromophobia
09. Two Armadillos - Tunnel Of Light
10. Catz & Dogz - A Chicken Affair
11. Holger Zilske - Enduro Disco
12. Swayzak vs. Theorem - Break In At Apartment 305
13. Claude VonStroke & Christian Martin - Groundhog Day
14. Italoboyz - Viktor Casanova
15. Frankie - Dig It All
16. Shawn Rudiman - Sickness

Download Claude VONSTROKE - At The Controls CD2

Balance #12 - Lee Burridge (2007)

Label: EQ Recordings
Catalog#: EQGCD019
Format: 3 x CD, Compilation (by tracks)
Country: Australia
Released: 03 Sep 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Tech House
Quality: 192kbps
Размер файла: 310mb

Orange Disc:
01. Ripperton - 10a
02. Efdemin - Bergwein
03. Lazy Fat People - Club Silencio
04. Kollektive Turmstrasse - Tristesse
05. Dettmann/Klock - Dawning
06. Jacek Sienkiewicz – Good Luck
07. Ferrer And Sydenham Inc. - The Back Door
08. Hug - The Angry Ghost
09. H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf
10. Viewers - Blank Images
11. Marcus Wogull - Dragon Loop
12. Jose Padilla - Adios Ayer [Paul Daley Mix]

Red Disc:
01. Onur Ozer - Orion
02. Henry & Denis - Catabolism [Efdemin Mix]
03. Pheek - Magda Had A Little Troll [Gurtz Mix]
04. Phage & Daniel Dreier - Elevator
05. Reynold - Bumper
06. Davide Squillace And Alfa Romero - We Scick
07. Super Flu - Lady In Pink
08. Babyford And Mark Broom - Bubblebath
09. Broke - Over That
10. Tigerskin - Plagiat
11. Onur Ozer - Red Cabaret [Overture]
12. Spider & Bird - Paris
13. Jorge Savoretti – Claridad
14. Martin Buttrich - Programmer

Green Disc:
01. Tomas Andersson - Dubbel Problematik
02. H-Man - 51 Poland Street [Extrawelt Tool]
03. Luca Bacchetti - Rolling Brooklyn
04. Gabriel Ananda - Trommelstunde
05. Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Antioxidation
06. Rejected - Cliche
07. Autotune – Dirty [Woody Mix]
08. Paul Ritch - Samba
09. Alexi Delano & Xpansul - Vegetotherapy
10. Allan Banford - White Geishas
11. Par Grindvak - Do Us Apart
12. Bukaddoor And Fishbeck - Polterabend
13. Patrice Baumel - Just Electricity

Download Balance #12 - Lee Burridge (2007) part1
Download Balance #12 - Lee Burridge (2007) part2
Download Balance #12 - Lee Burridge (2007) part3
Download Balance #12 - Lee Burridge (2007) part4
Download Balance #12 - Lee Burridge (2007) part5

Agoria - Blossom

Artist: Agoria
Album: Blossom
Genre: Tech-House, Electro
Year: 2003
Size: 91.2 mb
Files: mp3
Quality: 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo

Agoria - the draft of a Devo Sebastien (Sebastien Devaud), originally from Lyon, France hitherto involved producing electronic commands. The debut disc Agoria "Blossom" - is also an electronic album. But do not expect any sleek tones for tantsulek who are tops in-20. The basis of the compositions of Detroit techno - ascetic, alarming and almost irritating sound coined, in fact, even Kraftwerk - it could be the soundtrack for "Neyromanseru" by William Gibson (godfather of cyberpunk), if it were not for slight lyrical melodies. They Blossom becomes a soundtrack to what happened after the final "Neyromansera" ...

Discs are very diverse. Obviously, the stereotype of the outstanding French aestheticism does true: on top of a fairly rigid electronics "Agoria" economically place the arrangements, knock over a clear framework of genre and reaching only to the benefit of the principal theme. In "Presque Un Ange" is very beautiful elektroskripki party (or its computer analog ?..), "Stereolove" successfully simulates heavy guitar, and two tracks with clean female vocals ( "Spinach Girl" and "Worth It") - in general is beyond praise, despite the fact that both girls are clearly sung by vocalist Massive. Meanwhile, there is the desire for experimentation: Sebastien on Blossom returned to the roots, varying the sound, even in the core identity: if, for example, "Organic" - aggressive and hypnotic house, the "2thousand3", recorded with Tricky, - typical for the latter paranoia, as expressed in music, and "Haiku" - soundtrack to the flight of Haruki Murakami Alpha Centauri.
With all the dynamics of abrupt mood music on the album there. Drive and the lyrics are painted in a futuristic, mysterious tone, the usual tool for the electronics, and the album sounds a whole. Mostly the music recedes into the background, turning into the background, but even in this case does not lose quality for the most part on the album enough interesting points to bring it to the level of the present standing of electronic projects - attractive, but not banal.

01_Think Different.mp3 (2,7 MB)
02_Spinach Girl (feat. Sylvie Marks).mp3 (5 MB)
03_Stereolove.mp3 (6,9 MB)
04_Presque Un Ange.mp3 (6,3 MB)
05_Worth It(feat. Ann Saunderson).mp3 (9,1 MB)
06_Organic.mp3 (8,5 MB)
07_Haiku.mp3 (6,8 MB)
08_All I Need.mp3 (10,4 MB)
09_Kofea.mp3 (6,8 MB)
10_2Thousand3(feat.Tricky).mp3 (8,5 MB)
11_La Onzi_me Marche.mp3

Download Agoria - Blossom

Jun 19, 2009

I Love Techno 2008 (Mixed By Boys Noize) (2008)

Label: News
Release date: 13 October, 2008
Genre: Techno / Electro
Source: CDDA
Format: Mixed CD
Quality: 192kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint-Stereo
Size: 107 mb


1. DMX Krew - White Noise Black Hole 1:30
2. Proxy - Raven + Boys Noize feat. I-Robots - Frau (Acapella) 4:21
3. Jan Driver - Rat Alert 2:59
4. ZZT - The Worm (Original Munich Version) 2:55
5. Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Remix) 4:47
6. Steve Rachmad - Bot 2:52
7. Soundhack - Devils Run 2:36
8. Popof - Electric Circus + D.I.M. - Is You (Acapella) 6:56
9. MMM - Lets Git It On 2:02
10.MMM - Nous Sommes MMM (Live Version) 1:43
11.Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix) 1:43
12.Mr. Oizo - Positif 2:09
13.Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up 3:00
14.Mixhell - Highly Explicit (Brodinski Remix) 3:01
15.Alter Ego - Jolly Joker (Dj Kozes Nuttich Styler Remix) 2:54
16.Patrice Baumel - Roar 3:18
17.Len Faki - Death By House 6:30
18.The Subs - Papillon (Brodinski Remix) 6:11
19.Zeus - Zeus 4:15
20.Joey Beltram - Game Form 1:57
21.Boys Noize - My Head (Para One Remix) 6:01
22.Errorsmith - In A Sweat (Live Version) 3:57

Download I Love Techno 2008 (Mixed By Boys Noize) (2008) part1
Download I Love Techno 2008 (Mixed By Boys Noize) (2008) part2

I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by Robert Hood

Download I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by Robert Hood

I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by La Riots


1. steve angello, dave armstrong - groove in u (angello remix)
2. dusty kid - the cat
3. felix da housecat - jack u (angello & ingrosso remix)
4. nasa - nasa music (LA Riots remix)
5. claude von stroke - the whistler (vandalism remix)
6. buy now - for sale
7. david guetta - lights go out (laidback luke JFK edit)
8. crookers - love to edit (JFK edit)
9. robin s. vs. laidback luke - show me love vs. be (hardwell remix)
10. humanoid - humanoid (feadz remix)
11. streetlife DJs - gunn crime (cut n run remix)
12. the rapture - w.a.y.u.h. (claude von stroke remix)
13. mstrkrft - bounce (LA Riots unfinished remix)
14. yuksek - tonight
15. goose - bring it on (jfk remix)
16. ocelot - lo sforzo (LA Riots remix)
17. federico franchi - cream
18. crystal castles - crimewave (LA Riots remix)
19. justice - d.v.n.o. (LA Riots remix)

Download I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by La Riots

I Love Techno 2008 Underworld, Marcel Dettman, Tocadisco

Download I Love Techno Mixed by Underworld

Download I Love Techno Mixed by Marcel Dettman

Download I Love Techno Mixed by Tocadisco

I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by Justice


1. Daft Punk - High Life
2. Fast Eddie - Get On Up
3. Alan Braxe - Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
4. Vicarious Bliss - Theme From Vicarious Bliss (Lifelike Remix)
5. Bob Sinclar - Gym Tonic
6. Buffalo Bunch - T.I.T.T.S
7. ??? (”that’s what I’m used to hearin”)
8. ??? (probably some Roule or Le Knight Club, it escapes me for now)
9. Boys Noize - My Head (Para One Remix)
10. Thomas Bangalter - Colossus
11. Brodinski - Bad Runner + Soulwax - NY Excuse
12. Phantom Pt. II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine Remix) - Jus†ice
13. DJ Falcon - Untitled
14. Justice - DVNO (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
15. LFO - Freak
16. Justice - Stress

Download I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by Justice

I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by Dj Mehdi

Download I Love Techno 2008 Mixed by Dj Mehdi

I Love Techno 2008 (Mixed By Digitalism) (2008)

If you have a tracklist, or you know it, please tell me

Download I love Techno 2008 mixed by Digitalism

Dave Clarke - "I love Techno"

Dave Clarke
I love Techno
Freestyle Records

"Natural diamond can destroy the psyche of its energy to any reyvera"
magazine Mixmag
4 / 5

First of all, I would like to say «I Love Techno» is the main festival in the world, showing and representing the cream of techno music. It takes place every year in Belgium, and gathers tens of thousands of people. Every year for the festival produced a special disc, which is someone about whom you can say «the legend of techno» and that does not pokriviv soul. Last year, for example, the mix did Munich DJ Hell, this is the case has taken one of the main actors on the global techno scene - Dave Clark.
Dave Clarke's name is often the most uncompromising techno-DJ and DJ-virtuoso, always adding the word «legendary». And all these big words on his person more than justified. He was one of those people who created the English school of technology in the late 80's, and so far Clark is considered one of the few techno DJs in the world, which moves the genre forward, constantly fontaniruya ideas and fantastic obygryvaya techno and electro rhythms. Each didzheyskaya his work is, in fact, present a master class for all those who want to hear, as is the techno-music with lots of effects and other didzheyskih frills.
In its mix «I Love Techno» Clark shows itself in the best - and as a professional DJ, and as a connoisseur and expert technology of music. On one drive collected almost all the colors of modern technology - from the American techno-bosses Kevin Sondersona and DJ 3000, through a lot of British musicians such as The Advent, The Horrorist of the best representatives of the German-Dutch waves, like Substance & Vainuquer and Quince. Eighty minutes of pure and selected technology - a natural balm for the soul of the fans of techno-beats!


1. Christian Smith & John Selway – Coming Storm
2. Raudive – Magnetic
3. Peter Horrevorts – Evolver
4. Kevin Saunderson – Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix 07)
5. Public Energy – Three O Three
6. Quince – Sub-01
7. Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 (British Murder Boys Remix 1)
8. Joey Beltram – Fractals
9. The Advent – Slave Rhythm
10. Matt Rissi & Mustafa Avdic – Oktave Jumper (Woody McBride Remix)
11. Side Four – Wrist Block (Joey Beltram Remix)
12. Phase – The Hyperorganism
13. Radial – Deja Vu
14. T.Linder – Respect feat. Blak Tony
15. Detroit’s Own DJ Surgeon – Electro Bass Head
16. DJ 3000 – Illegal Allien
17. Fastgraph – Evasion
18. The Horrorist – Wire To The Ear
19. Rob Gibson – Hutch
20. Velvet Underwear – The Same

Download Dave Clarke - I love Techno part1
Download Dave Clarke - I love Techno part2