Feb 19, 2008

AKAI XR20 Beat Production Station

Portable Beat Machine Integrates Drums, Percussion, FX and Instrument Samples

There's an increasing number of music production gadgets coming out that will run on batteries. Akai's offering is aimed at people wanting to make beats on the move.

It's loaded with sounds that are geared towards hip-hop and R&B flavours, with over 700 pre-loaded drums, percussion, effects and instrument samples.

It also features effects such as reverb, EQ and compression to add a little polish to tracks.

The pads can be used to play samples, or trigger patterns for jamming a set. It also features Akai's drum roll and note repeat functions.

You can plug in a mic to mix over the top of the music, but there's no recording or sampling features for customizing the sounds or making whole songs.

Available: April 2008
Price: £219


Competition! Win tickets to Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem!

The incredible Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem rolls into Turweston Aerodrome on 24th-25th May and features the kind of line-up that rave dreams are made of.

Dance music colossi The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers headline, phalanxed by Simian Mobile Disco, CSS, Soulwax Nite Versions, Dizzee Rascal, and trance god Paul Oakenfold.

French electro iconoclasts Justice are also on the bill, with Armand Van Helden, Pendulum, Black Ghosts, Luciano, Sinden, Hervé and Digitalism all playing over the two days. It’s the perfect collision of dance music old and new, and a powderkeg of grooves ready to go right off! Tickets are priced at £115 for the weekend, with single day tickets priced at £59.50, available from the Gatecrasher website: www.gatecrasher.com/tickets. But DJmag.com has teamed up with the Gatecrasher gang to offer TWO pairs of weekend tickets to the event.

To win, just answer this question:

Name The Chemical Brothers’ recent single which featured rapper Fatlip. Send your answers, full names, addresses and a contact number to: ben.murphy@djmag.com. Closing date is 17th March.


Come On Feel the Noize

Boys Noize mixes latest Bugged Out comp

Acclaimed electro and techno troublemaker Boys Noize (Alex Ridha) has stepped up to the plate with the latest in Bugged Out’s ‘Suck My Deck’ series.

After hitting the ground running with last year’s ‘Oi Oi Oi’ longplayer, he’s back to bang in our faces.

Scheduled for release on 13th March through New State, the album displays a hitherto-unseen side to Boys Noize, incorporating classics from Lil Louis, Romanthony and Alter Ego, as well as cuts from electronica dons like Apparat, Modeselektor and hombres Surkin, Feadz and Justice. It offers a more complete picture of Ridha’s tastes beyond the crunching electro styles that many will already know him for.


John '00' Fleming Interview

Renowned in trance circles, recently John ‘00’ Fleming has thrown himself wholeheartedly into the burgeoning psy trance phenomenon.

Now he’s set to make dance music history, with the release of ‘Psy Trance Euphoria’ out now on Ministry of Sound. A three CD journey, incorporating two mix CDs and Fleming’s new artist album, it’s a unique concept that should catapult the psy sound further into the mainstream consciousness. DJmag.com linked with the DJ/producer to discuss psy, crossing over, and his 00.db collaboration…

You’ve gone for a brand new concept with the first edition of ‘Psy Trance Euphoria’. How did the artist album and double mix idea come about?

“I can’t take all the thanks for it, it’s my management. I’ve worked with them for many years. I approached Euphoria originally with the psy trance idea. I’ve mixed three comps for them before. You’ve got to be aware that this scene’s growing. DJmag is aware of that, you’ve put psy trance on the cover. There hasn’t been many albums out, and these people who’ve been lost in the world of trance out there, who are fed up with the regular club trance, they don’t know where to go, and there’s this hidden world of psy trance.

“You say psy trance and people think of hippies running round in a field naked. It’s not a scene like that at all, so I said let’s put an album out to showcase the world out there. I suppose I’m the ideal candidate. One week I’m playing at some psy trance festival in Brazil, the next I’m at Gatecrasher. My management said, you can’t hide the fact that the world of selling albums is bloody hard out there, with the technology, file sharing and so forth. So we said let’s combine it all into one, and they said what a brilliant idea!”

What can fans expect from the artist album segment of the new release?

“I’ve always been known to have my own take on things, I go off and do my own thing. I try not to be a follower. That’s obviously restricted to what music you can get. Whenever there’s a gap in my DJ set, of music I can’t find, I go in the studio and make it. A big chunk of it’s psy influenced, and as I missed some of the Goa aspects of today’s psy scene. I’m bringing back the lushness of some of that sound, it’s just my take on it. The reaction has been amazing. It’s my take on the psy trance world.”

How about the two CDs – what vibe were you aiming to create there? Are they both quite different?

“They’re different, people presume when you say psy trance, they just think it’s 100 miles per hour, banging acid. It’s not, there’s a complete, full world in psy trance, from breaks to progressive, to techno-influenced stuff, to the more banging stuff. I’m trying to reflect what I’ve seen in that world. So CD one’s got a deep, dark progressive vibe, which is gonna shock a lot of people. And then it progresses up to what I call morning trance. Typical, melodic, heads down, lost in the moment business. It goes to that more pounding stuff at the end. It’s my take on it, every DJ’s got a take on the scene that they’re in.”

You’ve become known for psy trance which is a shift away from the hard dance / trance you used to play. How did you first get bitten by the psy bug?

“Many people don’t know, the new generation of clubbers don’t know my history. I did come from that scene in the first place. Goa trance was my first choice. I was involved in that world from the beginning, but then I kind of did a switch, when Goa trance started to get quite commercial, and then went completely underground, like always seems to happen with these scenes. It kind of resurfaces with a different tag and a different style. When it changed, I went to the club trance world which was really good at the time. But at the moment it’s not been doing anything for me so I kind of swayed back in that direction, going back to my roots.”

This is the first psy trance edition of the Euphoria series. Has psy trance well and truly crossed over? Where does it go from here?

“Whether it will fully crossover I don’t know. The new generation of people that have been brought up on trance, what they think is trance isn’t trance, it’s a pop version of it. So, there are a lot of people hungry out there for a serious take on it, and psy trance is giving them that hit. There are commercial elements to psy trance, but the majority of it is just made for clubs and festivals, it’s pure dance music, they don’t make it to go into the charts. Some of the new generation like it, but some are going, ‘where are the drum rolls, the big melodies, the big cheesy vocal in the middle?’ They can’t get their heads around it. But many are loving it, because it’s gone back to the basis of what trance music is, stuff that trances you out.”

What’s next for John ‘00’ Fleming?

“I’ve been working really hard in the studio on new material, with Digital Blonde, we go under the name of 00.db, and it’s been really taking off for us. We’ve been doing some live sets, like we did Gatecrasher’s Magna event on Boxing Day, 7,000 people there, and we’ve got the main stage booked for the Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem too. It’s been going mad with live enquiries, and because we’ve made so many tracks, we’ve got our own album coming out on another label. It’s all exciting stuff.”


The Running Man Cometh :: Utah Saints Return with Something Good

A 1992 single gets tech'd up and remixed for 2008.

Just when you thought Utah Saints went the way of the dodo, they turn out a smashing remix of their 1992 powerhouse single "Something Good". Like the original, "Something Good '08 (Van She Remix)" features that mind-drilling Kate Bush sample from "Cloudbusting". The music video features a hilarious video spoofing the origination of The Running Man dance made popular by MC Hammer. Those Welsh were way ahead of the game, it appears.

The single is gaining in popularity receiving heavy rotation on Radio 1 from Jo Whiley, Annie Mac, Chris Moyles, Scott Mills, and more. Zane Lowe and Pete Tong made it a 'Hottest Record In The World' and 'Essential New Tune' respectively. The single pack includes remixes from High Contrast, Ian Carey, Prok & Fitch, eSquire, and Bart B More.

Music Video
"Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (Van She Remix)"

"Something Good '08 (Van She Remix)"
Artists: Utah Saints
Label: Data Records
Released: March 10, 2008
1. Van She Tech mix
2. Ian Carey remix
3. Prok & Fitch remix
4. Bart B More remix
5. High Contrast remix

About Utah Saints
Having sold over 2 million records to date, recorded with the likes of REM’s Michael Stipe, and performed with U2 and others on mega-stadium tours, Utah Saints remain one of the most trail-blazing outfits within electronic music. Following a self-imposed exile, Tim Garbutt and Jez Willis buried the Utah Saints name in the early Noughties (following unreleased albums and contract oblivion), vowing to return under that guise when the time was right. In the meantime they’ve produced and remixed under their Beatvandals moniker, DJed all over the world, and run the highly successful club night, Sugarbeat, in both England and Scotland.

Now ready to take the world by storm once more, Utah Saints are back in 2008, recording new material for a studio album and playing gigs across the UK, with a mix compilation also planned before the year is out.


Feb 14, 2008

Tom Middleton Interview

Tom Middleton has done it all. With productions under a dizzying array of aliases, he’s also a formidable DJ, and has put his name to more compilations than you’ve had hot dinners. His latest triple CD comp, ‘3-D’, out now on Renaissance, sees him return to his house roots, with a CD of his own remixes, a deep house blend, and a more chilled third disc. DJmag.com dialed up the polymath to discuss musical tastes, ambient sounds and collaborations…

Your new ‘3-D’ triple CD mix album opus is out now. Is this a complete picture of what Tom Middleton is all about?

“Well no, this is kind of like an addendum, it’s continual. I do all these compilations, whether it’s a fascination with the cover version, as on ‘Crazy Covers’ volumes one and two, whether it’s a journey into a real sort of eclectic session as on ‘The Trip’ one and two, or the ‘Lifetracks’ project, which came out last September – before the ink was drying on that, I was straight into mixing down ‘3-D’, it’s been pretty much non-stop.

But ‘3-D’ is essentially an extension of ‘Sound of the Cosmos’, I was getting bugged for ages, email and feedback saying, ‘come on, do another one Tom!’ And doing the research for ‘Crazy Covers’ and ‘The Trip’ was great fun, but it’s been quite difficult getting DJ gigs with comps out like that, promoters don’t get it. For a promoter, you need to hear a club set.

“When ‘Sound of the Cosmos’ came out I was inundated with DJ bookings, and because I have to explore different territories, it’s been more or less four, five different projects. This was a great opportunity, I could get back to programming one CD on ‘3-D’ that’s the kind of club music that I would like people to hear. It doesn’t necessarily reflect what I play in a club - it’s just one facet of that. In a club I’ll drop drum & bass, mash-ups, a bit of hip-hop, keep it quite contemporary with a bit of electro. This album is me in club mode but more the kind of smooth mixing that you’ll hear on ‘Sound of the Cosmos’. It has a bit more longevity. There’s no big hits on there, it’s just lovely warm house music. I’m still fond of it, and let’s face it, after 16 years of deep house, it still works for me, and there must be a reason why it still works for me, why I still feel it.

To choose that over every other current cool genre, why have I decided that deep house is better than electro, minimal, maximal, Ed Banger-type stuff? The bottom line is that I choose the music, and I find a lot of the current club music to be quite two dimensional. It’s fun, with bundles of energy, but it gives an instant reaction. I don’t want to listen to that at home, I don’t want to listen to that in the car, I want a collection of beautiful nuggets that have been working really well over the years, that I’ve been putting aside and making playlists from. If it’s beautiful and warm and timeless, then it has the X-Factor I’ve been looking for, hence the club mix is not an obvious mix.”

What kind of response has there been to your recent solo album ‘Lifetracks’ which pursued a more ambient direction than you’ve made for a while?

“A lot of people are loving it because it reminds them of ’76:14’ - my album with Mark Pritchard as Global Communication. It’s the same philosophy, it’s pure emotions in sound. I haven’t really deviated from that when I’m creating. It’s ticking along nicely. With instrumental downtempo music, it’s hard to get much press on it these days, because it’s not a cool genre. But my prediction is that with the likes of The Orb about to release a comeback album I’ve got a sneaky feeling that we’re gonna see a return to interesting electronica. Because let’s face it, things work in cycles, and we’ve certainly witnessed many cycles in dance music which keep getting smaller and smaller! At the end of the day, there’s a lot of functional music that’s not very satisfying after the second or third listen, does it move beyond making me physically want to move around, or get pissed? Not really is my answer, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of debates on forums about the relevance of Daft Punk’s derivatives. Let’s face it, they’re the originators, everybody else has copied them. I love Daft Punk, they steal the show every time, because what they do better than everyone else is melody and harmony and soul. Justice have tweaked it in a different direction, I like how pop they’ve taken it actually.”

On the more chilled CD of ‘3-D’ you’ve included Harmonic 33’s ‘Rain’ which is a track by Mark Pritchard, who you used to work with. Any plans to work with Mark again in the near future?

“We were chatting on iChat the other day, and I was saying that the amount of people who’ve been keeping at me saying, ‘can you just put a band together and do Jedi Knights and Global Communications together as a live show?’ And through talking with Mark about it, I wouldn’t rule it out. It would be lovely at some point to celebrate the best of Global Communications, Jedi Knights, Link, Chameleon, an hour and 20 minutes of the classics, the various different styles over the years. I think Mark just doesn’t like getting up on stage, which is fair enough. Me, fearless, love it, bring it on is what I say!”

What would we hear in a typical Tom Middleton set at the moment?

“Everything! I spend a fortune on Beatport and Tracksource these days, the promos that you get sent digitally. I’m a 100% digital DJ these days. Dubfire has got a brilliant sound, Deadmau5, that’s really melodic and tuneful, devastating production as well. Sinden has some fun stuff, I’m dropping a bit of Justice, Ed Banger stuff. I like a groove, which is why I’m excited by Bassline. Not too into the vocals, but it’s just speed garage basically. It rocks on the dancefloor. Dropping a bit of that.”

You’ve got several new projects in the works. What’s upcoming?

“I can’t stop! I’ve got a ‘Back in the Box’ comp, ‘87-‘88 to mid ’90s only. That’s brilliant, perfect for me ’cos that’s the time that I got into dance music and house. Todd Terry, Masters at Work, Carl Craig, Derrick May, it’ll be a selection of nuggets from around that time.”


Feb 13, 2008

Armand Van Helden at Miami Winter Music Conference

Recent headlines from the X-Mix production crew.

X-Mix Productions 8th Annual Winter Music Conference Party hits Miami Beach on Friday March 28, 2008, at Suite Nightclub, featuring sets from Armand Van Helden, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Sneak, Felix Da Housecat, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Junior Sanchez, Mark Farina, Princess Superstar, and Todd Terry.

Armand Van Helden ‘Je T’aime’ is out this month with remixes from Switch and Simian Mobile Disco. This new single from Armand’s artist album ‘Ghettoblaster’ is out now on Southern Fried Records. It follows ‘NYC Beat’ and ‘I Want You Soul’, also from ‘Ghettoblaster’ and both top 20 singles on the UK pop charts. Armand Van Helden ‘New York Mix Odyssey 2’ compilation which includes 3 new singles from Armand comes out in May on Southern Fried Records.

Nettwerk Records have signed Bad Boy Bill so expect more original music from Bill soon. Bill heads down under for his debut Australia tour for Onelove this month. Bad Boy Bill ‘Behind the Decks Live’, Bill’s first ever live mix CD/DVD, is out now on Thrive Records.

DJ Sneak ‘A Test’ single has been snatched up for release by Defected Records. Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings will re-launch in March with DJ Sneak ‘The Sticky Sheit’. Also watch for new Sneak EPs on Hudd and Guesthouse, and DJ Sneak ‘Special House Blend’ compilation out May 2008 on Moist Music.

‘Radio’, the new single from Felix Da Housecat, is out in March with remixes from Junior Sanchez and Sinichi Ozawa. This is the next single from Felix’s artist album ‘Virgo Blaktro & The Movie Disco’ out now on PIAS Wall of Sound. Plus, Felix and the fashion capitol of the world merge for the ‘Felix Da Housecat: Milan’ Global Underground compilation, his first mix for the groundbreaking series, out May on Global Underground.

‘Sessions mixed by Harry Choo Choo Romero’ is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings. Their previous installments have enlisted the top DJs in the world, including Mark Farina, Todd Terry, and DJ Sneak. Look for Harry’s Bambossa Records residency at seOne, which will see him playing in London every other month.

Junior Sanchez is producing songs for Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) and the Cool Kids. ‘Onelove: Smash Your Stereo mixed by Junior Sanchez’ is out now on Sony BMG with Junior’s cutting edge mix of forward thinking house music.

‘Fabric: Mark Farina’ drops in May on Fabric Recordings, the label run by influential London venue Fabric. Farina’s mix follows installments by Carl Craig, Diplo, and James Murphy. Mark Farina ‘Live in Tokyo’ is out now on Om Records.

Larry Tee & Princess Superstar ‘Licky’ (Hervé Radio Edit) is being championed by everyone from Pete Tong to Justice and is out in April on iO Music. This single follows her smash hit ‘Perfect Exceeder’, which went to #3 on the UK pop charts. As soon as the label bidding war is won look for a release of Princess Superstar ‘Lollipop’ produced by Armand Van Helden. Princess Superstar ‘American Gigilo III’ is out now on International Deejay Gigolo Records.

The massive classic Todd Terry presents CLS ‘Can You Feel It’ gets a re-release with new remixes by Robbie Rivera and Paul Woolford out in March on Strictly Rhythm. ‘Strictly Todd Terry’ compilation mixed by Todd Terry out now on Strictly Rhythm. Todd’s mix follows installments by Masters at Work and Tiefschwarz.


DJ Technology: That's Entertainment

Pioneer Announce MEP-7000 Multi Entertainment Player and SEP-C1 Software Controller

Staying on the cutting edge of the technology can be a tricky job sometimes, and in the DJ world, that means balancing the needs of format wars. Right now there’s never been so many different types for DJs to carry their music around, CDs, vinyl, hard drives, USB memory sticks, laptops etc. So its crucial for manufacturers to create players that can address all of them in the hope to win over the DJs hard earned mula. The MEP-700 is one of those machines that takes all formats in its stride. Almost every digital format is catered for on this twin deck, rack mount machine, via CD or USB drive. Not only that but it also connects to computers and works as a software controller with MIDI and HID protocols, which means support for Serato, Traktor and more. Configuration and compatibility support will come for the various software manufacturers, with talks underway to make the MEP-7000 integrate with MixVIbes, PCDJ and M-Audio products. On the hardware side of things, the MEP-7000 follows on from the CDJ-400 bedroom rocker, with similar style jog wheels and effects including Scratch Jog Effects (SCRATCH, BUBBLE and TRANS) and Digital Jog Break Effects (JET, ROLL and WAH). The large 4.3 inch full colour LCD is also a first for innovation, using OEL (Organic Electroluminescene) ensuring that the user can see performance data in harsh lighting conditions. Utilizing graphics and crystal clear text and a rotary selector, it enables rapid track searches from huge music libraries.

The controller section of the unit will be available separately and is known as the SEP-C1, this integrates perfectly with software and laptop rigs inclduign Pioneers own “DJs” title which is bundled in to the deal.

Arrival is due in April 2008 and price are listed at €1499 / £999 (ex VAT), while the SEP-C1 controller will go for €749 / £499 (ex VAT)

More details can be seen on the Pioneer DJ Website

MEP-7000 Specs

  • 1. Library Function: Select tracks from various categories, such as genre/artist.
  • 2. Tempo Control Range: Choose from 4 maximum ranges for the tempo slider: ±6ï¼…, ±10ï¼…, ±16ï¼…, and WIDE ±100ï¼…. (WIDE mode is not available with MP3/AAC/WAV and AIFFs files.)
  • 3. Pitch Bend Button: Achieve fine adjustment of track speed simply by pressing the button.
  • 4. Seamless Loop: Repeats a loop without interruption. Loops can be set as small as approx. 0.013 seconds up to infinity.
  • 5. Hot Loop: Return to a loop-in point during loop playback. Start over the loop playback by just pressing a button.
  • 6. Memory Cue/Loop: The unit can memorise any CUE/LOOP point at the press of a button.
  • 7. Auto BPM (Beats Per Minute) Counter: Automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s tempo.
  • 8. Digital Output and Monitor Out Terminals: Output audio digitally and select tracks using a large external display.
  • 9. Keyboard Available: Select tracks swiftly and input characters directly.
  • 10. Legato Link Conversion: Reproduces richer and more natural sound with WIDE range playback by up sampling, 44.1 kHz → 176.4 kHz, the audio information lost in a CD format.
  • 11. Vibration Proof Construction: Shockproof memory plus floating mechanism used in Pioneer’s Car audio components helps prevent skipping and resists vibration.
  • 12. Rack-Mount-Ready: Ready for rack mounting, which is useful for club/studio installations. (EIA compliant)

  • http://www.djmag.com/index.php?op=story&story_op=display&story_id=1248&status=Live&word=&page=

    Feb 12, 2008

    Say You Gotta New Style? : Skwee

    Scandinavia is dancing to a brand new beat. Skwee is the new genre that’s heating up dancefloors in Sweden and Finland, and now it’s starting to spread.

    An electronic groove spearheaded by the Flogsta Danshall label, run by the mysterious Pavan, his dedication to the Skwee cause has got other enthusiasts starting up Skwee labels left, right and centre. DJmag.com caught up with Pavan to find out more…

    So first of all, what exactly is Skwee?

    "It comes out of the electronic music scene in Finland and Sweden and it’s a mixture between r&b and electro. That’s a way to explain how it started. It’s basically r&b made by the electronica crowd. It came out of my label (Flogsta Danshall). But even without that there would still be some scene. It would be happening still but not in the same direction. It’s a bunch of friends, who came into this at the same time. You can hear the same sounds from other parts of Europe, but our thing is more concentrated and focused. Somehow we started working together and that’s probably the difference."

    How big is the scene – are there many artists making it?

    "There are some other small labels, there’s a new one called Temporarily Moron. There are some other brand new ones that haven’t released anything yet but are about to. But basically Flogsta Danshall is the main one at the moment."

    Why do you think that it came about in Finland and Sweden?

    "Though I’m from Sweden, it’s easier for me to talk about the Finnish part of it. The electronic scene has always been quite strong in Finland and they’ve been working independently from the music industry for a long time. So when my label started to sell some records in Finland, the whole thing started to become something bigger than just an alternative form of electronic music. And then the Finnish label Harmoenia started."

    What music have you got out there at the moment?

    "I guess the Scandinavian Skwee compilation on Harmoenia, they have two volumes of it out now on 12" vinyl. And volume three is coming out soon. And maybe my first two 7" on Flogsta Danshall, they founded the direction of the music."

    Do you think it’s something that could catch on abroad?

    "I think if you browse the MySpace profiles of what people are doing now, you can find people working in the same area. Some British artists like Rustie are not so far away, they are mixing in other influences not so different to what we’re doing here. There’s a scene in Spain, but mainly it’s Scandinavia, the UK and a few German producers."

    What’s next for Flogsta Danshall?

    "I have two 7"s, and a new compilation with 18 different producers. Mostly from Scandinavia, but one French producer, and one from the UK."


    Feb 11, 2008

    The Young Punx :: Remixed by Fatboy Slim; Ready for the US

    The Young Punx set to menace America with their mash-ups & album release.

    The Young Punx are an electro collective of London-based electronic musicians, lead by multi-instrumentalist Hal Ritson. The band are getting ready to launch their music in the US by way of their debut album "Your Music is Killing Me", on Ultra Records. The album will be released on April 8th, 2008.

    Over the past few years the band has established themselves as electronic music cross over champions, receiving proper coverage from BBC Radio 1 and support from Pete Tong, Judge Jules and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), who remixed their single "You've Got To". The Punx have also been touring globally playing shows in Shanghai, Moscow, Korea, Tokyo, UK, Germany and Australia.

    Music Videos
    "The Young Punx - You've Got To... (Fatboy Slim Remix) "
    "The Young Punx - Your Music Is Killing Me"

    "Your Music Is Killing Me"
    Artists: The Young Punx
    Label: Ultra Records
    Released: April 8, 2008
    Disc One
    1. Big Ben
    2. Wake Up, Make Up, Bring It Up, Shake Up
    3. Fire
    4. It Doesn't Stop
    5. Young And Beautiful
    6. Drum And Bacharach
    7. Never Be The Same Again
    8. Rockall
    9. Drifting On
    10. Interplanetary
    11. Your Music Is Killing Me
    12. Surfalude
    13. You've Got To
    14. We Roll
    15. Backbeat
    16. Superman's Brother
    17. Dirty Shoes
    Disc Two - Limited Edition Bonus Remix Disc
    1. You've Got To [Norman Cook Mix]
    2. Your Music Is Killing Me [The Young Punx Club Mix]
    3. Fire [Phonat Mix]
    4. Rockall [Phonat Mix]
    5. Young And Beautiful [Laurent Konrad Mix]
    6. Your Music Is Killing Me [Phonat Mix]
    7. Never Be The Same Again [DJ DLG And RedRoche Mix]
    8. You've Got To [Soul Seekerz Mix]
    9. Interplanetary [Max Neutra Mix]
    10. Rockall [Krafty Kuts Mix]

    About The Young Punx
    Beyond rave reviews in the press, their cheeky pop culture mentality and freshly energized sound, now known as "Mashpop and punkstep" is the next step in the evolution of mashup music (where they’ve long been pioneers). The Young Punx fuse elements of house, electro, breaks and drum ‘n’ bass with an eclectic soundclash of popular culture references, rock, disco, 80s pop, classical and jazz to create something at once original and resolutely accessible. Alongside Hal and Cameron, the live band includes guitar virtuoso and legend Guthrie Govan (Guitarist of the Year in Guitarist Magazine) and vocals from Tiffany Gore (Medcab / Kraak en Smaak) and Yolanda Quartey (Bugz in the attic / Deekline / Cuban Brothers).











    Dave Clarke on I Love Techno TV (2007)

    Techno - I love Techno Gent Belgium 10.11.2007

    Eventname: I Love Techno
    Ort: Flanders Expo Gent
    Yellow Room
    19:00 2000 And One
    20:45 Trentem?ller (live)
    22:00 Stephan Bodzin
    23:30 Underworld (live)
    01:30 Marco Bailey
    03:00 Ben Sims
    04:30 Technasia (DJ Set)
    Blue Room
    20:00 Monica Electronica
    22:00 Simian Mobile Disco (live)
    23:00 Dr.Lektroluv
    00:30 Digitalism
    01:30 Ellen Allien
    03:00 Miss Kittin & The Hacker (live)
    04:00 Mstrkrft
    Red Room
    21:00 Len Faki
    23:00 Redshape (live)
    00:00 Adam Beyer
    02:00 Dave Clarke
    04:00 British Murder Boys
    Orange Room
    19:30 Cossy Mozzy
    21:30 Klaxons (live)
    22:30 Boys Noize
    00:30 Goose (live)
    01:30 Erol Alkan
    03:30 Justice (live)
    04:30 Felix Da Housecat
    Green Room
    20:00 Electronmike vs. Bernd Isaac
    21:30 Felix Kr?cher
    23:30 Sven Wittekind (live)
    00:30 Rush
    02:30 Marco Remus
    04:30 DJ Ghost
    Switch Video
    22:30 Mathew Johnson (live)
    03:30 Guy Boratto (live)
    Chill Out
    19:00 Chill Out DJ's
    Monica Electronica here
    Monica Electronica here
    Len Faki here
    Len Faki here
    Cosy Mozzy & Monica Electronica - I love techno 2007
    Simian Mobile Disco live@ILoveTechno 2007
    Cozy Mozy
    Simian Mobile Disco

    Feb 8, 2008

    Tiga @ I Love Techno 2006

    Get Smart

    Smartie Partie this weekend!

    If you’re smart you’ll know where you need to be this weekend. Smartie Partie, the long running house music institution, comes to Turnmills on Saturday 9th February for a Valentine’s Special.

    Progressive house dude Paul Jackson headlines, with strong DJ support coming from Alex Miles, Carlos Francisco, Huckleberry Finn, DJmag’s own Craig Rock and many more. Tickets are £8 if you print off the flyer, otherwise £15. The event will be filmed by DJTV so get down and strut your stuff!

    Cream of the Crop

    The Cream Easter Special

    On Easter Weekend, spring has officially sprung. And to usher in the good weather, Cream is throwing one hell of a party. On 22nd March, the Cream Easter Special comes to Liverpool’s Nation club, with a line up guaranteed to get the club jumping. Trance deities including Ferry Corsten, Eddie Halliwell and Marco V are just a smattering of the big names that’ll be blowing speakers and minds in Nation’s Courtyard area, and they’ll be accompanied by house don Dave Spoon busting out his brand of tough rhythms.

    The Scandinavian super DJs often known as the Swedish House Mafia — Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello — are to make their debut in the main room, busting out some of the massive, acerbic electro house and tech tinged beats that they’re known for, and they’ll be ably assisted by residents Lee Ellis and Anthony Probyn.

    The event marks the beginning of another exciting year for Cream. Tickets are priced at £20+BF and are available from www.ticketline.co.uk and 0844 888 4401. More info at www.cream.co.uk.

    This Could Be Dangerous

    Danger Mouse returns with new projects

    Feted producer to the stars Danger Mouse is back with a bang in 2008. The imaginative studio auteur, aka Brian Burton, who first picked up props for his widescreen, mind-boggling fusion of Jay Z and The Beatles (‘The Grey Album’) and a sampladelic rap opus with Jemini (‘Ghetto Pop Life’) has three new projects which will see the light of day this year.

    The first record with the Danger Mouse signature to be unveiled will be Martina Topley-Bird’s long awaited second solo set, ‘The Blue God’. Burton has produced and co-written the record, his stamp of innovation and sonic trickery forming the backdrop to Topley-Bird’s exquisite voice.

    The hazardous rodent has also lent his considerable abilities to new Wall of Sound signings The Shortwave Set, whose own second record ‘Replica Sun Machine’ has been entirely produced by Burton. Employing a 24 piece orchestra conducted by Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks, it’s destined to be epic indeed.

    Last but not least, Danger Mouse has resurrected lysergic freak funk and acid hop nutbags Gnarls Barkley, his hook-up with soul machine Cee-Lo Green. After 2006’s mega hit ‘Crazy’, expectations are high, but the duo — holed up in a top secret studio in Atlanta putting the finishing touches to the new album — promise not to disappoint.

    Feb 5, 2008

    Shake the Lake!

    Rock Ness line-up unveiled

    There’s something big stirring at Loch Ness. No, it’s not the fabled giant serpent! Rock Ness is back and better than ever.

    Taking place over the weekend of 7th-8th June on the shores of the jaw-dropping natural wonder, outside the village of Dores, four miles south-west of Inverness, the Rock Ness crew have truly pulled out all the stops. Funk soul brother Fatboy Slim, electro rockers Digitalism, Brazilian punkers CSS, groovehounds Simian Mobile Disco and chanteuse Roísín Murphy have all signed up to play live at the massive event which sees punters from all over the UK converging on the beautiful environs of the legendary lake.

    DJs are well represented too: 2ManyDJs return with their own Radiosoulwax arena; Felix Da Housecat brings his inimitable electro to the table; and French crowd pleaser David Guetta is bound to rock his own F**k Me I’m Famous arena. This is the third year of Rock Ness, which in its short history has already become one of the best loved and most anticipated events in the UK festival calendar.

    Tickets are on sale now priced at £100 each, and are available from www.ticketline.co.uk.

    State of Independence

    Independents Day is ready to roll

    The UK is world famous for its independent record labels. Names like Buzzin’ Fly, Ninja Tune and 20:20 Vision are all synonymous with quality: small imprints dedicated to releasing original, diverse and exciting music, offering an alternative to the often pedestrian product of majors and conglomerates. In the changing climate of the music industry, it’s become increasingly difficult to compete in the crowded marketplace. But Independents Day is set to change all that.

    A new global initiative conceived as a collaboration between some of the world’s finest labels, Independents Day takes place on 4th July this year and aims to celebrate the incredible music and cultural richness that indie labels foster. Leading UK participants such as Rekids, Fabric and Hospital are all putting their weight behind the project, which aims to raise national and international co-operation and funds. On the day, there will be a celebrity auction which puts artist memorabilia and musical rarities under the hammer. As well as an online auction, each participating country will host its own physical auction - meaning that twenty events will be occurring in synchronicity around the planet.

    Under the auspices of Independents Day, there will also be a special album produced, containing exclusive new tracks from some of the participating labels and artists, and a definitive list of the greatest independent albums of all time compiled, which will be announced live on the day by the partnered radio stations.

    Artists involved with the project include Radio Slave (Matt Edwards), Craig Richards, Luke Solomon, London Elektricity, Ali B, High Contrast and DJ Spooky. Edwards was vocal in his support. “It’s invaluable that we preserve such labels, those that take risks, champion new genres and look beyond the mainstream. That’s what Independents Day ‘08 is all about.”

    Feb 2, 2008

    Moon Base Alpha

    Check out the Linus Loves remix of Alphabeat’s new single HERE

    Hotly-tipped Danish band Alphabeat have hit the ground running with a brace of great remixes for their new single ‘Fascination’, out 3rd March on EMI. Re-licks from the likes of Sinden and the Count of Monte Cristal, Bimbo Jones and Linus Loves all offer radically different dancefloor rocking treatments. You can check out the Linus Loves mix right here:

    Alphabeat ‘Fascination’ (Linus Loves Remix)


    Carl Craig Video Interview

    Detroit legend Carl Craig is set to unleash his incredible double CD ‘Carl Craig Sessions’ on 3rd March.

    A collection of his finest remixes and productions to date, it’s the audio odyssey that many of us have been hoping the DJ/producer would one day compile, and to cap it all, it’s mixed with sublime style by the man himself. Check out this video interview, courtesy of his label !K7 Records:

    QUICKTIME: http://media.k7-de.com/video/CarlCraigINTW_big.mov http://media.k7-de.com/video/CarlCraigINTW_med.mov http://media.k7-de.com/video/CarlCraigINTW_sm.mov

    WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER: http://media.k7-de.com/video/CarlCraigINTW_big.wmv http://media.k7-de.com/video/CarlCraigINTW_med.wmv http://media.k7-de.com/video/CarlCraigINTW_sm.wmv

    Warp Speed Nine

    Germany’s wicked Warp Festival

    If you love techno you can’t afford to miss the Warp Festival. Taking place on Saturday 5th April at the Maimarkthalle venue in Mannheim, Germany, Warp aims to celebrate the very best across the techno spectrum. For 14 years the festival has spearheaded musical innovation, and this year looks to be no exception. The line up reads like a veritable A-Z of electronic dance, with appearances from Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier (spinning an eight hour set), Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice and Luciano all present and correct.

    Those slavering for a bit of the old electro filth needn’t fear either – Digitalism, Boys Noize are gonna put those bassbins through their paces. After an exceptionally successful 2007, Warp is set to be ever better this April. Don’t miss it! Tickets are priced at €45 plus booking fee in advance, and €55 on the night, and can be purchased from www.time-warp.de or www.ticketweb.co.uk.

    James Zabiela Announces North American Winter Tour

    Announces new tour along with his new EP.

    James Zabiela announces his North American Winter Tour 2008. The tour kicks off mid-February hitting cities across the east coast and continues into March on the west coast. James has also released his latest EP 'Perseverance' out in stores physical and digital.

    Says James about the tour, "I'm lucky enough to have two amazing tours in one month, Australia and USA. Both countries have great open-minded crowds that always make me feel welcome. I'm also super excited to be coming back to my Pacha residency in New York after a short break. Bring it on!"

    Tour Dates
    Thursday 21-Feb The Forum, Charlotte USA
    Friday 22-Feb Pacha, New York USA
    Saturday 23-Feb Guvernment, Toronto Canada
    Thursday 28-Feb Tribe, Montreal Canada
    Friday 29-Feb Fur, Washington DC USA
    Saturday 1-Mar Vision, Chicago USA
    Thursday 6-Mar Ruby Skye, San Francisco USA
    Friday 7-Mar Belo, San Diego USA
    Saturday 8-Mar Vanguard, Los Angeles USA

    About James Zabiela
    James currently sits at #17 in the world wide DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ poll. And in 2007 he was awarded the Best British DJ at the DJ Mag Best British DJ Awards. At the end of last year he also released a 4-track EP of all original material, titled ‘Perseverance EP’. The EP showcases a mature, polished side to James’ production and is a testament to where he sits today as a producer. Armed with his fully loaded laptop, effects units, CDs and other box of tricks, James has created his own place on the scene. He holds residencies at Space-Ibiza and Pacha-New York and released successful compilations on Renaissance as well as EPs and singles.