Feb 6, 2011

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I want to say a big thank to everyone who sends their releases. This week's tracks are especially good.
I posted only a small fraction of submitted releases, but I'm going to listen to all the tracks you sent me and put my favorite.

Thanks again, keep the good work ;)


D.I.M Vs Peace Division 'The World Can't Do You No Harm

Meat katie 'Bizarre Is Beautiful' Lot49 (Out Now)

Meat Katie is back and armed with his latest single 'Bizarre is Beautiful'. This is his first Breaks single in sometime, and what a single it is. A chunky grinding Bass-line, underpins this late night growler coupled with his infectious heavy percussion and all the Techy over tones you would expect from this Tech-Funk Pioneer. Relentless in its approach, Bizarre Is Beautiful has seen action on dance floors from Hong kong to Kiev, by some of the worlds biggest DJ's showing there is room for cool, credible, stripped back breaks in nearly any kind of set.

Remix comes courtesy US Technorist Lightknife who turns in a slamming and chaotic remix that effortlessly builds to an almighty climax, expect to be hearing a lot more from LightKnife on Lot49 in the near future.

D.I.M Vs Peace Division 'The World Can't Do You No Harm' -Meat Katie RE-Work-Free Download. by Meat Katie

Direct Link to buy; Meat Katie 'Bizarre Is Beautiful'

Unit 233 Kingspark Business Centre,
152-178 Kingston Road
New Malden

Twitter: Lot49recs
Facebook: Lot49records

We Once Had An Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)

We are three 19 year olds from Reykjavík, Iceland and we have been producing electro music for about 2-3 years now.

We recently released our debut EP 'Heat of the Nite' and we are working on remixes for Neon Indian, Chateau Marmont and more to be announced. We are opening for Hot Chip in Iceland in mid february.

We Once Had An Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix) by Jungle Fiction

download via Mediafire:


Jungle Fiction

Feb 5, 2011

Alex Grekov - Paranormal Daybreaker EP

The EP consists of two techno tracks called 'Paranormal' and 'Daybreaker'.

[LUNG011] || Alex Grekov - Paranormal Daybreaker EP by Lung Filler Records

Store Links

Beatport - http://beatport.com/s/r1mZTb
iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/paranormal-daybreaker-single/id413478593
Juno - http://www.junodownload.com/products/paranormal-daybreaker-ep/1685422-02/
Spotify - http://open.spotify.com/track/2iUBXwU13IQxKyPdeCBcK6