Mar 5, 2011

Cuba Libre' - Max Tkacz (Promo Release)

I am a DJ and Producer from Detroit and am excited to offer you a promo on my latest song 'Cuba Libre.' First and foremost, I invite you to listen to this minimal infused tech-house track

Below is the link to 'Cuba Libre' - Max Tkacz, on SoundCloud. From Soundcloud you can instantly preview the song and/or download it:

Cuba Libre (Original Mix) by Max Tkacz

The track begins with a minimalistic, percussion heavy ambiance and a dominating sine-wave synth. This quickly culminates into an energetic vibe, though sticking to a "less is more" principle, quite like the "Cuba Libre" cocktail (Rum, Coke, and Lime) from which the track receives it's name.

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