Nov 16, 2009

Erman Erim & Wasserman - Wir Sind Doch Anders EP

Erman Erim was born in 1981 in Neumarkt close to Nurnberg where he is proud to be from. Although he is fascinated by big metropolises like Berlin or especially Istanbul (where some of his family members resides) because of their cultural and musical richness. He appreciates his Bavarian home as being a good place to calm down and to get new inspiration. There he established an impressive reputation being a resident at the local "Zoom Club" and he has made a name for himself with his live-jams on the keyboard being part of his music performances. With his first release "4 Takt EP" Terminal M showcases his sound to a bigger audiance and will support him for his coming tour. His music was influenced by the diversified DJ-sets of his brother and by idols like Antony Rother, Monika Kruse and Richie Hawtin. Especially Hawtin's album "Closer To The Edit" fascinates him very much. Erman's sound distinguishes itself by his accentuated melodics and by the charm of live performances. For most of his tracks are directly recorded from nighttime studio sessions and afterwards they are reworked/edited only a little bit. Erim: "This has to work at one try. At a certain point it makes "click", you have a nice melody and you know that everything what you need now is a bassline and certain further elements. Then you work on that a little bit and in the morning the track is finished." The ability to record the melodies and to arrange live springs from his early passion for playing the piano. There are photos from his childhood where you can see him as the little virtuoso on the organ at the age of three. And not long after a big passion for other musical instruments – especially those with keys & buttons arose from that dalliance. Erim likes playing classical or even jazzy pieces and has a passion for film music. So it happens from time to time that you can find him in his studio composing his own sound tracks for film scores. And sometimes he also records his percussion, to use as samples for his own productions. He always plays by ear – never caring about musical notation. The fact that he still listens to the most diverse music styles like classical music, Jazz, Pop, Rock n' Roll as well as American and German Hip Hop shows his exceptional open-mindedness. Besides his musical interests he is crazy about the Spanish city Sevilla, where he gained allot of new impressions during a occupational six months stay. His goal for the future is to completely concentrate on and to be supported by music. That rocks!!!!

Artist: Erman Erim & Wasserman
Title: Wir Sind Doch Anders EP
Label: Terminal M
Cat.#: TERM070
Style: Minimal Techno
Release Date: 06-Nov-2009
Rip Date: 06-Nov-2009
Quality: 320kbps
Tracks: 04
Size: ~68 Mb

1. Erman Erim & Wasserman - W.I.R. (Wir Sind Doch Anders) (8:07)
2. Erman Erim - Time To Go (6:38)
3. Erman Erim - Worthless (6:36)
4. Erman Erim - Collateral (7:52)

Doqnload Erman Erim & Wasserman - Wir Sind Doch Anders EP

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