Oct 20, 2009

Complete Discography of Labels Synewave and Ekhoport at I Love Techno Blog


Today or tomorrow I will lay out a complete discography of labels Ekhoport and Synewave

...a brief history of the labels while:

Label: Ekhoport

Profile: Label created and run by Cisco Ferreira & Wla Garcia

Name: The Advent (aka Cisco Ferreira)
Music Style: Techno
Website: www.the-advent.com
Outlar-Listed Events: 2
Outlar Cross-references: Glimpse, Orbital, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Marshall Jefferson, Larry Levan, Billy Nasty, Space DJz, Mickey Finn, Mark Broom, Steve Rachmad, Mr Paul, The Youngsters, Grandmaster Flash

The Advent Intro: Longtime advocates of sonic terrorism even before banding together as The Advent in 1993, Cisco Ferreira and Colin McBean's assault on conventional techno flourished in part because of abundant glimpses into related styles, from electro and hip-hop to techno. Soon after leaving school, Ferreira began working as an engineer at Jack Trax Records, a job which enabled him to Glimpse first-hand the work of such auteurs as Derrick May and Marshall Jefferson. He began recording in 1988 with C.J.
Bolland as Space Opera (eventually releasing four singles for R&S Records) and also recorded the first single for Fragile ("Why Don't You Answer" as himself) before meeting McBean, a top DJ who had worked with Keith Franklin of Bang the Party as the DJ team KCC. The pair began recording together in 1990; their first activity was an engineering job for Fade to Black (aka Jay Denham), but later they debuted on vinyl with their first single, recorded for inclusion on a sampler by Network Records. The official debut of The Advent came in 1994, just after Ferreira signed to Internal Records (also the home of Orbital). He convinced McBean to join him in the recording of a series of crucially limited singles, then the debut Advent album Elements of Life in late 1995. Critics championed the duo's energetic update of original techno renegades like Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, and The Advent followed with the remix album Shaded Elementz one year later. Their second proper album A New Beginning appeared in 1997, though Internal Records dropped the duo soon after its release. After transferring to the Metalbox division of Northwest/BMG, The Advent returned later that year with Kombination Phunk, which alternated remixes with several original productions. In 1999, McBean left, citing his reluctance to continue touring, though he continued to record under his solo alias, G Flame and Mr. G. Ferreira continued his busy release schedule, including a 12" series ("Sound Sketch") for Tresor during 1998-2000, and the 2002 full-length Sketched for Life. Colin McBean left the group prior to the album "Time Trap Technik" on Gigolo Records (2001).

Wla Garcia is not only an artist who has played alongside with some of the greatest Djs in this world but is also an artist who, while enjoying himself, also produces some of the finest Techno coming out of Portugal... keep an eye on...

Label: Synewave

New York techno label founded by Damon Wild in the mid-90's.
See also the Synewave label compilations released in the UK on Kickin Records. The label was named after a Freddie Fresh classic track Modulator - Sinewave on EXperimental.

Damon Wilber alias Jan P. Stegemann was raised in the South (New Orleans, La.), then moved North to NYC to launch his music career. In 1991 he began working for the distributor Northcott, and a year later he became A&R for EXperimental, NYC.

After his first year of living in NYC, Damon and his roomate Ray Love teamed up to produce a top 10 UK


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