Jun 29, 2009

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Her Majesty Music has always been the main love Ruslana Meysa. Beginning with the start of professional career in 1998 when the next best disc jockey played a House of Odessa and breykbit, and ending with the conquest of thousands dance floor techno sound incendiary in the new millennium, the main catalyst for the continuing growth of a musician has always been it. But who could imagine that the same guy, suddenly all won the competition DJ Association DJ Profy, then become almost the sole representative of South Palmyra on the largest dance floor post-Soviet space? But talent is Ruslan from nature, as well as the extraordinary hard work and perseverance were the factors that brought Meysu nationwide love and marriage.

Becoming an integral part of the Odessa-underground movement in the late 90th years, Ruslan immediately began to be active - it is equally possible to call a cultural education as well, sorry for the trivial, the entertainment. While these two concepts can coexist peacefully, and showed that the city founders Alien DJs Promo: our hero and his friends Eugene and Denise Scratch Demon. To advocate quality techno music, they took in two ways - through direct contact with the audience on the dance floor night club, and through the media space. A help in this noble endeavor a couple of buddies were two legends: religious institution Cosmo, is a pioneer of electronic culture of the port city, and the radio station Feel - the main mouthpiece of the whole movement in those years. Within the walls of the first were the most interesting events, and radio Ruslan given the opportunity to represent their vision of technology in the radio project «therapy», «Pulse», «territory».

The foundation for a successful career was finally built, and it is time to move forward. The next turning point in the fate Meysa became nebezyzvestny Festival KaZantip 2001. Sam dj not repeat that this event annually brings together thousands of klabberov, more than anything else influenced his professional development. Indeed, since the first successful performance in Popovka standing proposal to permanently escorted tour of techno-musician every week of his life. Between 2002 and 2007, Ruslana listen to music people of cities such as Moscow, Rostov, Kharkov, Peter, Odessa, Warsaw, Kiev, Lviv, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod - the list goes on and on. Sub sets Meysa danced visitors the many major festivals: KaZantip, I loveTechnoUA, Kyiv Techno Fest, Electro Autumn, Perfect Rave, Sound Tropolis, Water Dance, Global Gathering Ukraine, TechnoSfera, Play Techno Z, etc.

Naturally, okoloklubnaya the public could not ignore the bright and such a charismatic personality - now in the arsenal of Ruslana whole collection of various awards. In 2004, Beck's Establishes a special award and named it the best DJs in Odessa, thus fixing it this status de jure. And next year, followed by a similar recognition of national significance - the title «The best techno DJ Ukraine» Ruslan gets to TopDJ Awards. The same Web resource, and vote for the Medoff NightLife Awards again «done» djem the best of his native city in 2008 - on the basis of all-Ukrainian rating TopDJ he took 4 th place. And this, be sure that only the beginning, because anyone who, as well Meysu to conquer the forces of the greatest height, which makes it a modern electronic scene.

Today Meys - one of the most popular electronic artists from the Ukrainian tour schedule, sign the months ahead. Continuing to make didzheyskimi setami to please the audience and their own radio show The Real Techno Mix on the waves of the main dance country radio station Kiss FM, Ruslan was not trying to stop there. In early 2007, was his debut live-speech under the pseudonym Crash Liner - this draft specifically designed to provide more tech-heavy sound. However, the roots of a musical career is not forgotten, and in 2008 saw the first light-producing Meysa releases. His remix of song Moonyani aka Rob Mooney - Heavy Rotation into the playlist to the Carl Cox, opening the regular transfer of Global Issue legendary with millions of audience worldwide. A recent joint work with other domestic producer of Sunchase - track Nautilus - goes on the label Oliver Koletski Flash Recordings. And so, pay attention, only the first samples of a pen. Will the do better? Do you have any doubts?

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