Jun 22, 2009

Agoria - Blossom

Artist: Agoria
Album: Blossom
Genre: Tech-House, Electro
Year: 2003
Size: 91.2 mb
Files: mp3
Quality: 192 kbps, 44.1 kHz, stereo

Agoria - the draft of a Devo Sebastien (Sebastien Devaud), originally from Lyon, France hitherto involved producing electronic commands. The debut disc Agoria "Blossom" - is also an electronic album. But do not expect any sleek tones for tantsulek who are tops in-20. The basis of the compositions of Detroit techno - ascetic, alarming and almost irritating sound coined, in fact, even Kraftwerk - it could be the soundtrack for "Neyromanseru" by William Gibson (godfather of cyberpunk), if it were not for slight lyrical melodies. They Blossom becomes a soundtrack to what happened after the final "Neyromansera" ...

Discs are very diverse. Obviously, the stereotype of the outstanding French aestheticism does true: on top of a fairly rigid electronics "Agoria" economically place the arrangements, knock over a clear framework of genre and reaching only to the benefit of the principal theme. In "Presque Un Ange" is very beautiful elektroskripki party (or its computer analog ?..), "Stereolove" successfully simulates heavy guitar, and two tracks with clean female vocals ( "Spinach Girl" and "Worth It") - in general is beyond praise, despite the fact that both girls are clearly sung by vocalist Massive. Meanwhile, there is the desire for experimentation: Sebastien on Blossom returned to the roots, varying the sound, even in the core identity: if, for example, "Organic" - aggressive and hypnotic house, the "2thousand3", recorded with Tricky, - typical for the latter paranoia, as expressed in music, and "Haiku" - soundtrack to the flight of Haruki Murakami Alpha Centauri.
With all the dynamics of abrupt mood music on the album there. Drive and the lyrics are painted in a futuristic, mysterious tone, the usual tool for the electronics, and the album sounds a whole. Mostly the music recedes into the background, turning into the background, but even in this case does not lose quality for the most part on the album enough interesting points to bring it to the level of the present standing of electronic projects - attractive, but not banal.

01_Think Different.mp3 (2,7 MB)
02_Spinach Girl (feat. Sylvie Marks).mp3 (5 MB)
03_Stereolove.mp3 (6,9 MB)
04_Presque Un Ange.mp3 (6,3 MB)
05_Worth It(feat. Ann Saunderson).mp3 (9,1 MB)
06_Organic.mp3 (8,5 MB)
07_Haiku.mp3 (6,8 MB)
08_All I Need.mp3 (10,4 MB)
09_Kofea.mp3 (6,8 MB)
10_2Thousand3(feat.Tricky).mp3 (8,5 MB)
11_La Onzi_me Marche.mp3

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