Jun 15, 2011

Ribbon Tweeter Worship - Headwarmer EP

Deep, chugging modern psychedelic house and electro ready to shake your ass to and elevate your mind with. Not the commercial pop rocktronica thats being passed for electro house these days. With Chris Fortier (_40oz) at the remix controls dropping a huge summer tribal acid bomb for Headwarmer and a tough booty shakin electro breaks remix of Blacktop Beauty by Oilpanic, the Headwarmer EP is a perfect antidote to all the cookie cutter tracks you're already bored with.

Get your summer on lateral thought stylee!

About 530Techno // In the farthest reaches of America's backwaters, a small group of electronic musicians make music that reflects the diverse backgrounds of their region as well as the stark realities of the struggle that is life in remote, rural Northern California. 530Techno // techno + house + lateral thought

Ribbon Tweeter Worship - Headwarmer EP // 530D-003 by 530Techno

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