Mar 4, 2010

A little news for those who want to post their tracks on I Love Techno Blog

Hello everyone!

I want to make a brief announcement.
I often get letters with a request to add a description, opinion or make a review of the new album, or a young band.
So I decided to do it for free at my blog

What you are required to:
Name of musical group, a DJ, singer, etc.
The album title or song, music clip.
What you are required to:
Name of musical group, a DJ, singer, etc.
The album title or song, music video clip.
Link to the tracks or albums, videos, etc.
Description of your group and description of tracks.
Well, if there is a picture for your tracks
Your URL's on myspase, twitter, site url etc.

Also, I'll listen to what you sent me on email and keep my comments to your compositions
Thank you for your attention. Hopefully this will help you become famous or gain new fans and fans ;) or simply to learn the opinion of your work

ps: A small description of my blog:
There are already about three years.
Posts about three hundred.
Has 38 regular readers.
Every day, my blog is visited by about 200 people.
Links from friendly resource of about 200. PR3

application with descriptions can send to vvirtu[at]


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