Nov 9, 2009

SLS Full Label at I Love Techno Blog

Label: SLS
Catalog#: SLS001-025
Format: Vinyl, 12", CD
Country: Sweden
Released: 2001-2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tribal, Techno
Profile: SLS is a continuum of Cycle, created by Samuel L. Session.


[SLS 001] Samuel L. - New soil\ DownLoad
[SLS 002] Samuel L. - Day n' night\ DownLoad
[SLS 003] Samuel L. - The velvet mixes\ DownLoad
[SLS 004] Andreas Saag vs. Samuel L. Session - Root back EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 005] Samuel L. Session - Body slam EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 006] Samuel L. - The merengue mixes\ DownLoad
[SLS 007] Samuel L. Session - Psyche EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 008] Andreas Saag - Jazz lesson\ DownLoad
[SLS 009] Deetron y Samuel L. - Muchachos ritmicos\ DownLoad
[SLS 010] Samuel L. Session - Bits n pieces\ DownLoad
[SLS 011] Samuel's bongo squad - Travelling the path of rhythm and soul\ DownLoad
[SLS 012] Samuel L. presents Thee echo headz - Off the wall\ DownLoad
[SLS 013] Samuel L. - Reached\ DownLoad
[SLS 014] Samuel L. Session - Core EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 015] SLS presents Raw material - Made it warfare\ DownLoad
[SLS 016] Samuel L. - New soil (Mixes)\ DownLoad
[SLS 017] Andreas Saag - Latin lesson\ DownLoad
[SLS 018] Hertz - Taken something odd\ DownLoad
[SLS 019] Samuel L. Session - Nocturnal\ DownLoad
[SLS 020] Samuel L. Session - Cool for school\ DownLoad
[SLS 021] Precinct 413 - Fuel EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 022] Robert Leiner - Grand boise EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 023] Allan Banford - Essential elements EP\ DownLoad
[SLS 024] Samuel L. Session - Of things to come\ DownLoad
[SLS 025] Daniel Jacques - Aphter faith of what\ DownLoad
[SLSCD001] Samuel L. - New soil\ DownLoad

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