Oct 30, 2009

Vitalic Ok Cowboy (2005), Flashmob-WEB-2009

Description: Pascal Orbe one of the most original and innovative techno-musicians. The author of such hits as «La Rock» and «My Friend Dario». A native of the French in Grenoble (also birthplace of The Hacker and OXIA) to techno came from the love of the Belgian new-beat. While a student at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Pascal has traveled to the Soviet Union. Thus was born the legend of the techno-geniuses of Borodyanka (Kiev region).. Even at major festivals such as Munich and Berlin GigoloveParade Mayday, namely the artist and signed - Vitalic (Ukraine). There is a variant of Pascal's more din signatures to their products - DIMA.
Among the early works of the musician most memorable records - DIMA - "Fuckeristic EP" and, of course, working together with Al Ferox - ViatalFerox --
"Absolute EP".
World popularity to Vitalic came in 2003 after recording "Poney EP" and together with the Hacker remix Detroit Project Numbers of Names - "ShariVary". Both plates came out at the legendary Gigolo Records. A "Poney EP" and today is the best-selling label. Track "La Rock" with this plate got into all sorts of compilation and topped the charts of DJs like Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Miss Kittin and DJ Hell.
In 2005, Vitalic released the album "OK Cowboy" on Citizen Records. Pilot single "My friend Dario" with punk vocals Linda Lamb Vitalic lifted on top of various charts and charts.
And already in 2006 Vitalic disrupts the largest number of accolades at the jubilee 10 th Belgian festival «I love techno». In terms of accolades to live and walked back Underworld, and The Final Collabs (C. Liebing & Speedy J.). (last.fm)

1. Polkamatic 1:52
2. My Friend Dario 3:03
2. Poney Part 1 3:53
3. Wooo 6:14
4. La Rock 01 5:30
5. The Past 4:26
6. Repair Machines 3:44
7. No Fun 3:36
8. Poney Part 2 5:12
9. Newman 4:49
10 U and I 3:39
11. Trahison 4:30
12. Valletta Fanfares 2:25

Download Vitalic Ok Cowboy

Label: Different / Play It Again Sam (PIAS)
Source: WEB, Album
Release date: Sep-28-2009
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: ~120 MB
Genre: Electronic / Punk
Style: Electro Punk / Nu Disco / House / Synth


01. See the Sea (Red)
02. Poison Lips
03. Flashmob
04. One Above One
05. Still
06. Terminateur Benelux
07. Second Lives
08. Alain Dellon
09. See the Sea (Blue)
10. Chicken Lady
11. Your Disco Song
12. Station Mir 2099
13. Chez Septime

Download Vitalic Flashmob 2009 part 1
Download Vitalic Flashmob 2009 part 2

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