Oct 30, 2009

Lifeform Recordings

Label: Lifeform Recordings
Catalog#: LFR 01-30
Format: Vinyl, 12", CD
Country: Germany
Released: 2002-2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Profile: German Techo label founded by Andreas Kremer.


[LFR 01] Andreas Kremer - The way of the drum\ DownLoad
[LFR 02] Andreas Kremer - The balance of force\ DownLoad
[LFR 03] Andreas Kremer - New day delays EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 04] Andreas Kremer - And disco\ DownLoad
[LFR 05] Andreas Kremer vs. A. Crash - Der name ist programm\ DownLoad
[LFR 06] Andreas Kremer - Der vorbote der apokalypse\ DownLoad
[LFR 07] Andreas Kremer - A DJ is not a popstar\ DownLoad
[LFR 08] Andreas Kremer & Thomas Schmidl - The terrorists survival kit\ DownLoad
[LFR 09] Andreas Kremer - Freakout & Flashbacks EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 10] Andreas Kremer - The way of the drum\ DownLoad
[LFR 11] Andreas Kremer - My love is hot\ DownLoad
[LFR 12] Nicklas Samstrom - Swedish dish EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 13] We strikes back\ DownLoad
[LFR 14] Andreas Kremer - Do u love techno\ DownLoad
[LFR 15] Andreas Kremer - Trip to tatooine\ DownLoad
[LFR 16] Andreas Kremer - Machine rampage\ DownLoad
[LFR 17] Arkus P. - Out of sight, out of mind EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 18] Energun 22 - Global thrust EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 19] Frango assado - O rei do carimbo\ DownLoad
[LFR 20] Andreas Kremer - The way of the drum 3\ DownLoad
[LFR 21] Invexis - Vital elements EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 22] Andreas Kremer - The way of the drum 4\ DownLoad
[LFR 23] Nitrosound - Lost in underground\ DownLoad
[LFR 24] ADK - Made in Germany\ DownLoad
[LFR 25] Andreas Kremer - The way of the drum 2005\ DownLoad
[LFR 26] Frango assado - Beijunda EP\ DownLoad
[LFR 27] Andreas Kremer - America del sur\ DownLoad
[LFR 28] Andreas Kremer - America del sur 2\ DownLoad
[LFR 29] Andreas Kremer vs. Martyn Hare - Out of control\ DownLoad
[LFR 30] Andreas Kremer vs. Tobias Luke AKA O.B.I. - Gegen Den Strom
[LFR CD 01] Andreas Kremer - Extensions\ Part1+Part2

Lifeform Recordings
German Techo label founded by Andreas Kremer.
Parent Label:
ADK Music Productions

Andreas Kremer can already look back at 10 years of ”Electronic Music” achievements. He has shown a keen interest in electronic music since he was a child. He inherited his talent and musical understanding from his father, who himself was a successful musician for a number of decades. Growing up in a musical family resulted in Andreas releasing his first recording at the age of 16. Followed by a variety of DJ gigs and a booking as resident DJ at the ”M” in Mainz

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