Jun 22, 2009

Justice - Cross

Justice - Cross (2007) | Electronica, Dance, French

When in 2003 two French DJ Aage Gaspard (Gaspard Auge) and Xavier de Rosny (Xavier de Rosnay) have combined their efforts under the title Justice, they did not have in mind any of the great - they only planned to participate in the contest remix, who arranged a French radio station. Nevertheless, four years later, Justice - the proud owners of a prize for best video, the title of the best French team in 2007 and two nominations for the prize «Grammy». Here's what it means to write at the right time, you want a remix!

This remix, which is proposed to work for everyone, was bagatelle group Simian "Never Be Alone". Gaspard and Xavier submitted for the competition version of the so-liked people with a small label Ed Banger Records, they immediately offered to the newly contracted group. As early as next year's remix of Justice on "Never Be Alone" is on vysokoprofilny de джейский collection, produced by German label International Dee-Jay Gigolo Records, which the song has gained popularity in the grave dancefloors of Europe. In parallel, the guys are very active as a popular authors remixes - one of their clients include Britney Spears, NERD, Franz Ferdinand, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk. Meanwhile, a composition "Never Be Alone" as well costs, which in 2006 it was decided to release her single individual - the authors appeared Simian Vs Justice, and the very song called "We Are Your Friends". Shot on a song clip, even won a prize of MTV European Music Awards in the nomination «The best video», which was marked by a small skandalchikom - thank-speech with which to replace the missing musicians performed a director of the clip, was interrupted by Kanye West, who was at that time in the not so sober state of who claimed that the win was his clip, which had invested several million dollars, and not those who are not known.

In 2007, Justice released a solo single "DANCE", which, together with its rather avant-garde video became something of a phenomenon on the Internet. Bloggers posts and sent each other links to the song and video, and soon the popularity of songs in the network and turned into success in the broader sense of the word.

In the video, 'DANCE' is shown as two torsos walk to the club. As long as they wear their T-shirts act as projection screens for the millions of graphic drawings and designs created by art director of Justice's label Ed Banger.

After the release of the video, many designs of these shirts have been sold (Colette, Paris), and caused excitement among music fans.

In summer 2007 they released their debut disc "Cross" (†), on the cover of which was depicted only by their corporate neon cross - critics noted that the usual electro-house duo sounding increasingly interweave elements of rock, noise and other interesting additions. After releasing an album almost instantly became Justice demanded parties festivals, so they had to recruit additional musicians and to have as a group, rather than as two DJ with a vane. In November, he again smiled luck at the MTV European Music Awards - they again received the prize for best video, as well as the French were the best team the year. Present and this time, Kanye West did not object.

Artist: Justice
Album: Cross
Year: 2007
Genre: Electro-pank
Number of tracks: 12
Bitrate: 128 kbps, 44.100 kHz
Size: 43.78 MB

01 Justice - Genesis
02 Justice - Let There Be Light
03 Justice - D.A.N.C.E
04 Justice - New Jack
05 Justice – Phantom
06 Justice - Phantom Pt II
07 Justice – Valentine
08 Justice - The Party
09 Justice – Dvno
10 Justice – Stress
11 Justice - Waters Of Nazareth
12 Justice - One Minute To Midnight

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