Jun 19, 2009

Dave Clarke - "I love Techno"

Dave Clarke
I love Techno
Freestyle Records

"Natural diamond can destroy the psyche of its energy to any reyvera"
magazine Mixmag
4 / 5

First of all, I would like to say «I Love Techno» is the main festival in the world, showing and representing the cream of techno music. It takes place every year in Belgium, and gathers tens of thousands of people. Every year for the festival produced a special disc, which is someone about whom you can say «the legend of techno» and that does not pokriviv soul. Last year, for example, the mix did Munich DJ Hell, this is the case has taken one of the main actors on the global techno scene - Dave Clark.
Dave Clarke's name is often the most uncompromising techno-DJ and DJ-virtuoso, always adding the word «legendary». And all these big words on his person more than justified. He was one of those people who created the English school of technology in the late 80's, and so far Clark is considered one of the few techno DJs in the world, which moves the genre forward, constantly fontaniruya ideas and fantastic obygryvaya techno and electro rhythms. Each didzheyskaya his work is, in fact, present a master class for all those who want to hear, as is the techno-music with lots of effects and other didzheyskih frills.
In its mix «I Love Techno» Clark shows itself in the best - and as a professional DJ, and as a connoisseur and expert technology of music. On one drive collected almost all the colors of modern technology - from the American techno-bosses Kevin Sondersona and DJ 3000, through a lot of British musicians such as The Advent, The Horrorist of the best representatives of the German-Dutch waves, like Substance & Vainuquer and Quince. Eighty minutes of pure and selected technology - a natural balm for the soul of the fans of techno-beats!


1. Christian Smith & John Selway – Coming Storm
2. Raudive – Magnetic
3. Peter Horrevorts – Evolver
4. Kevin Saunderson – Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix 07)
5. Public Energy – Three O Three
6. Quince – Sub-01
7. Substance & Vainqueur – Emerge 1 (British Murder Boys Remix 1)
8. Joey Beltram – Fractals
9. The Advent – Slave Rhythm
10. Matt Rissi & Mustafa Avdic – Oktave Jumper (Woody McBride Remix)
11. Side Four – Wrist Block (Joey Beltram Remix)
12. Phase – The Hyperorganism
13. Radial – Deja Vu
14. T.Linder – Respect feat. Blak Tony
15. Detroit’s Own DJ Surgeon – Electro Bass Head
16. DJ 3000 – Illegal Allien
17. Fastgraph – Evasion
18. The Horrorist – Wire To The Ear
19. Rob Gibson – Hutch
20. Velvet Underwear – The Same

Download Dave Clarke - I love Techno part1
Download Dave Clarke - I love Techno part2

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