Jun 22, 2009


ARTIST : Crystal Castles
TITLE : Crystal Castles
GENRE : Electronic
BITRATE : 196 kbps avg
PLAYTIME : 00:51:55
SIZE : 77.9MB
STORE DATE : 2008-04

Track List
1. Untrust Us 3:06
2. Alice Practice 2:41
3. Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health) 4:18
4. Magic Spells 6:06
5. XXZXCUZX Me 1:53
6. Air War 4:12
7. Courtship Date 3:30
8. Good Time 2:55
9. 1991 1:53
10. Vanished 4:03
11. Knights 3:13
12. Love And Caring 2:18
13. Through The Hosiery 3:06
14. Reckless 3:28
15. Black Panther 2:57
16. Tell Me What To Swallow 2:16

Toronto duo Crystal Castles, who, after a string of EPs
and acclaimed remixes are ready to flood your eardrums
with their own self-titled full-length debut.

An amalgamation of Klaxons' nu-rave dance, the Velvet
Underground's more cacophonous moments and the 8-bit
aesthetics of famed Nintendo composers Yoshihiro
Sakaguchi and Koji Kondo. The band was shocked when they
discovered how quickly their music (literally) moved
people. "One of our first shows, the venue said 'We've
been hosting shows for years, but no one really dances at
our shows,' " multi-instrumentalist Ethan Fawn says, "but
people like dancing to Crystal Castles."

Despite their sound, the band isn't named after the old
arcade game. Instead, the moniker was nabbed from an old
She-Ra (of Masters of the Universe fame) toy commercial
that boasted "Crystal Castle, the source of all power."
"I had a female cousin who was really happy because she
got the Crystal Castle for her birthday," says Fawn, "I
never forgot how happy she was. It was the happiest I've
ever seen anyone in my life."
After remixing the likes of Bloc Party, Liars and their
friends Klaxons, CC were offered "more than thirty"
commissions for remixes, which Fawn declined in order to
work on the Castles' debut album. "We turned down some
huge acts, but I can't name names," Fawn says (at least,
we think it was Fawn: Ethan admitted he used to have a
friend pretend to be him during interviews over the last
few years).

Download Crystal Castles Crystal Castles-(Advance)-2008

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