Feb 22, 2009

Video: Armin Van Buuren Releases UNFORGIVABLE Music Video and Single

AVB's pop-Trance mission continues with latest single.

After teaming up with singers Chris Jones and Sharon den Adel, Armin Van Buuren has selected Jaren to provide the vocals for the new single "Unforgivable". This song is off Armin's latest artist album "Imagine". "Unforgivable" is catchy pop-Trance and stays close to the feel Armin is known for.

Jaren has worked in the past with Matt Cerf and Shawn Mitiska on such tracks as ‘Light the Skies’, ‘Saved Again’ and ‘You Never Said’. She has been touring along with Armin, performing live at the Armin Only: Imagine concerts with positive reactions from Dutch, Polish, Australian and Belgian crowd.

‘Unforgivable’ was remixed by both First State and Stoneface & Terminal. First State pushed the tempo and gave it a rich sound in two versions, the "Rough Mix" and the "Smooth Mix" while Stoneface & Terminal turned the track into a pure trancer.

1. Unforgivable (Extended)
2. Unforgivable (First State Smooth Mix)
3. Unforgivable (First State Rough Mix)
4. Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix)
5. Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Dub)



  1. I like Armin Van Buuren, its one of my favorites !!

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  3. This is not techno.

    This is Comercial Music that sucks!