Apr 30, 2008

Video: September Releases Cry For You - You'll Never See Me Again

The young, upstart, electro label Hard2Beat has been unstoppable. The beginning of the year saw their debut release by Basshunter top the UK singles chart for 5 weeks. They followed up with H‘two’O featuring Platnum’s hit ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ which surged up the charts to reach #2 and unquestionably confirm hard2beat as the UK’s hottest new record label.

Their 3rd release, September’s ‘Cry For You (You’ll Never See Me Again)’, is shaping up to be another huge record. Although this single was released back in 2007, topping the US Billboard dance air-play chart for an impressive 3 weeks, this April we will see a new remix pack and this visually stunning (thanks to September's golden locks) music video. The remix package comes courtesy of Spencer & Hill (Moby, Chris Lake, Sugababes, Booty Luv) lacing the track with electro house while Jackal inject retro sensibilities. Other mixes come from superstar DJ Dave Ramone and Darren Styles.

Abount September

September's real name is Petra Marklund - and she was born determined... by 12 she was already in studios recording, and at 17 she was singing in a rock band.. when she graduated from her Swedish High school, at a time when most teenagers worry about what to wear to their interviews for a job at McDonalds, Petra had already nailed a record deal. A big one. Calling herself "September" , the then 18 year old starting having high quality dance hits in her home country, tracks were written and produced by hit making trio Jonas von der Burg, Niclas von der Burg and Anoo Bhagavan. While danceable and catchy, the songs always have its base in Petra's dark surprisingly sad voice that lingers - making them stand out from the rest on the radio.



  1. Hey der! dats quiet some info u have compiled on ur blog:)
    honestly though im not a techno fan but i kinda liked dis track...guess u have just won urself a fan;)

    Have u heard of this group called PACIFIKA (not sure abt der genre). i heared a track by them on this you tube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgQJpTtQwzI
    ever since den i have been looking for more tracks from dem...any ideas?

  2. I'm pretty sure this song is gonna top the UK charts (at least it'd be awesome),the video is excellent, kinda' flashback for those, as me, love the 90's techno style.

    this video reminds me a little bit the Dannii's ones.

    it's so sad, that here in Mexico we can't hear that kind of marvelous music. the techno-dance market is kinda' poor.

    Pablo Reylar

  3. helllooo..

    you pass to me blogger!! plisss!!!


  4. So i see theres a new gang of bands out there

    other known as Electro/Pop such as "The Freaxxx" www.myspace.com/thefreaxxx

    how are they getting so popular?

    is this the new genre of 08??

  5. I am big fanb of heart2beat . He kick some serious ass**