Jan 19, 2008

Mason Takes #1 in the InternetDJ Top 100 Songs from 2007

Absorb our massive list of the best 100 songs released in 2007.

Every January for the past 6 years, we develop a unique formula to calculate the top 100 songs released on InternetDJ within the previous year. We combine a variety of algrebra to concoct this list, mixing popularity with ratings and a dash of Bayesian averaging. This year our formula is the most accurate to date.

I've hidden the top 10 to start this off, and will add a new rank each day until we have the full list published in this article.

Here are some fun facts about InternetDJ:

Years Live: 11
Accounts Created (since 2002): 50,504
Reviews Published (since 2002): 91,323
Songs/Media Uploaded (since 2002): 41,457
Total Plays (since 2002): 21,584,695
Total MP3 Downloads by Members (since 2002): 2,920,116

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